Batwoman Star Ruby Rose Reveals How She Hurt Her Neck

Being Batwoman isn’t easy. Sure, it’s fun, but it can also lead to serious injury. At least, that’s what happened to star Ruby Rose while filming the series for The CW. Following a video featuring emergency surgery to prevent paralysis earlier this week, Rose recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. During that appearance, Rose revealed how she injured her neck.

“So I did a stunt for a very (long) time, for about seven hours,” said Rose. “And we thought that I broke a rib, just fractured a rib, with like six to twelve weeks of healing. Then I had six more weeks of chronic pain…until the doctors were like, ‘It’s your neck, it’s your neck,’ it just radiates into these places full of nerve endings.”

“So, finally, I got an MRI – I did it in Romania, in the middle of a film, where I was also doing stunts,” continued Rose. “[The doctor] basically called me and was like, ‘You could become paraplegic. This is your spine, two of your discs have herniated, and they’ve broken all of the protective layers. You have this tiny amount that your spine is like not severed.” 

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But that wasn’t the only setback. Rose also had issues with her mask.

“I was allergic to my cowl, my mask,” said Rose. “So I was allergic to the adhesive tape, so I had hives for like a little while. When I took it off, I was kind of in like a horror film, when people were like, ‘It’s gonna be okay. Can you just stay back there?’”

The interview clip is below. It seems like Rose is doing much better now, just in time for Batwoman’s premiere on October 6.

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