New Batwoman Promo Teases Kate Kane and Sophie Moore’s Romance

What would any hero be without his or her main squeeze to keep them grounded? The CW’s upcoming Batwoman series marks the first comic book TV show headlined by a lesbian superhero. Now, the network has released a promo that offers new insight into Kate Kane’s love life, particularly her feelings for Sophie Moore.

This new teaser opens on what appears to be a rocky time in Kate and Sophie’s relationship. Like the series’ comic book source material, the characters were military academy classmates who fell for one another. Judging by their uniforms, it looks like these scenes are flashbacks to the couple’s training days. Sophie and Kate will most likely have been estranged from each other for some time when the series begins. However, when Sophie, now a private security agent, is kidnapped by the Wonderland Gang, this spurs Kate into action. She dons the mantle of Batwoman and sets out to find her old flame.

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It’s not clear why the villainous Alice and her band of masked criminals have targeted Kate’s ex. But when Batwoman finally does rescue her, Sophie definitely seems to have a hint of recognition in her eyes. Obviously, navigating the perils of her new life as a superhero while rekindling a romance would be a lot for Kate to handle. But hopefully, she can figure out this balancing act before she has to deal with the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths this winter.

Batwoman lands on The CW on Sunday, October 6. You can watch the new promo for the series via YouTube below, then tell us what you think in the comment section!

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