Titans season 2 episode 2 recap

Titans Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

The Titans are back! Yes, there’s no better time to re-open the young hero bodega than after banishing the bringer of death. Dick, Jason, Rachel, and Gar have been busy training themselves for three months since then. So much so that the frustration that usually accompanies inaction began to set in. Kory, Donna, Hank, and Dawn experienced this a bit as well, but the San Francisco crew got a much needed shot in the arm with the arrival of a mysterious young meta woman. The silver-haired woman might not stick around for long, but the Titans might be better served focusing on what she’s running from instead. Especially after they discovered her identity.

Another World

The new Titans begin getting antsy. They’re firmly settled into their new digs, and getting exhausted with Dick’s constant training exercises. No one is more fidgety than Jason. He wants to go back to Wayne Manor, but Bruce doesn’t think he’s ready. He still has much to learn from Dick, but the former Robin also needs the current one around as another leader for the others. Especially since Rachel’s powers are manifesting while she sleeps, leaving claw marks on her body. He run-in with Trigon might’ve left her worse for wear.

Kory and Donna stick together separate from Dick’s crew. The two stakeout a meta criminal named Shimmer on the streets of Chicago. Kory keeps her distance even in close quarters, readying herself for a trip to Florida after they catch Shimmer. She’s taken a liking to Earth and has no plans to return to her home planet soon. The two confront Shimmer when she shows, easily taking her down. Donna steps away to call Roy Harper when Kory is confronted by another alien from her planet. He stuns her reluctantly, calling her “Your Highness,” and kidnaps her. Donna returns to find Kory missing, but a call from Dawn interrupts. New forces are afoot.

In Your Blood

Speaking of Dawn, she and Hank have settled on a ranch where Hank helps keep a young man named Ellis recover from drug addiction. It helps with his own recovery to do so. But even that connection only goes so far. Ellis’ druggie friends are still around, but Hank won’t let him stay in their home in order to shield him for their influence. Dawn takes upon herself to confront them at their drug lab as Dove. She beats them and forces them to call the police on themselves, but Hank is waiting for her when she gets home.

Hank unleashes on Dawn for heroing behind his back. He stresses that there is no future for them as Hawk and Dove. But Dawn counters: embodying Dove isn’t too dangerous for her. It’s too dangerous for him. Hank’s anger grows, threatening to leave Dawn, until Ellis barges into the house glowing. Hank immediately recognizes the odd sight and rushes Dawn out of the house before it explodes. Dr. Light is out of prison. Dawn calls Dick and plans to join him in San Francisco. Heroes can’t sit on the sidelines.

Birds With Broken Wings

Dick has his own issue to tackle back in the Bay in the form of a silver-haired young woman with meta powers. He takes an interest in her after watching her fight off a slew of cops and leap from a seven-story structure barely scathed on the news. Dick finds her unconscious in an alley and brings her back to the Tower. She wakes up and runs into the group while exploring the Tower. They want to help her, but she is resistant. She refuses to give her name, but Dick isn’t deterred from his spiel. She warns them that it was a mistake bringing her here but decides to stay a bit longer.

Jason, Gar and Rachel take it upon themselves to find out the young meta’s identity. Dick seeks counsel from both Rachel and Bruce on how to handle the woman. Both side with his urge to help her. Dick and the mystery meta leave for the BART station in the morning, giving her one last chance to choose to stay with them. She remains unmoved, but Dick gives her a phone just in case she changes her mind. Special and alone doesn’t always work. The pleasant parting is broken up when another glowing detonation takes out Dick’s car, and nearly Dick and the woman.

Back at the Tower, Jason uncovers why they might’ve been targeted. The mystery meta is Rose Wilson, the daughter of Slade Wilson. Deathstroke is coming for his daughter.

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