Kara Faces Midnight In Supergirl Season 5 Teaser

The fifth season of Supergirl is just a few weeks away from premiering on the CW. But based on what’s happening in the newest teaser trailer, there are hard times ahead for Kara Danvers.

The official Supergirl Twitter account recently posted the teaser, which is below. It not only features a furious Lena Luthor, but also the debut of a new villain, Midnight.

Lena Luthor appears and asks Kara why she betrayed her, and the Girl of Steel doesn’t have an answer. Before fans can catch a breath, Jennifer Cheon Garcia appears as Midnight. She proclaims, “there is no hiding!” before unleashing a devastating attack on Supergirl.

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Cheon Garcia’s casting was announced last month, and Midnight is described as “the physical manifestation of darkness.” She’s got a grudge against the person that put her in an “otherworldly prison.”

This teaser follows new footage from season 5 which made its debut at San Diego Comic-Con back in July. Showrunner Jessica Queller has already promised major conflict between Lena and Kara, noting it would be the “emotional center of the season.” Now it’s just a question of who will do the most damage to Supergirl – Lena or Midnight.

Supergirl season 5 will premiere on Sunday, October 6 on The CW.

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