2023 Dawn of DC Outsiders Luke Fox Batwoman The Drummer
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The New Outsiders Have Ties to 2 Other Superhero Teams

Billed as “dedicated to shining light into the world’s darkest corners,” the new Outsiders are archeologists rather than superheroes. Despite this, the team’s first mission has revealed their ties to two established superhero teams.

Outsiders #1 by Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, Robert Carey, and Valentina Taddeo opens with Luke Fox recruiting Batwoman to the Outsiders. Luke quickly explains the teams’ purpose is to “meet the unknown head-on.” He also introduces Kate Kane to the third member of their field team. Known as The Drummer, Fox says she is “the world’s greatest living archeologist.” Together, they start to explore an installation under the ice of Antarctica.

The Outsiders uncover the Authority’s carrier

Outsiders Discover The Carrier
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The Drummer, who has the power to “talk to history,” is able to make contact with an intelligence called the Carrier. She also uncovers a gallery full of skeletons that are labeled as Century Babies. This reveals the mystery installation as the home of The Authority.

Originally created for the Wildstorm Universe in 1999, The Authority was a team of violent superheroes determined to save the world by any means necessary. Many Authority members were later folded into the DC Universe following the New 52 revamp. Despite this, the original team has yet to be introduced into the Dawn of DC reality.

The Carrier threatens to burn the new multiverse, because everyone it knew is dead. Thankfully, Luke is able to talk the Carrier down, and promises to help it find its home. The issue ends with Luke telling his father, Lucius Fox, that he thinks they “managed to make a friend.”

The new Drummer is tied to the Planetary team

New Drummer Has Planetary Book
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The final page of Outsiders #1 shows The Drummer making their way back to the reactor of The Carrier. Once there, she pulls a book out of her bag that is titled Planetary Guide. This is a nod to another Wildstorm Comics’ series, Planetary.

Described as “Archaeologists of the Impossible,” the Planetary organization researched the secret history of their world. In this, they are a spiritual successor to the new Outsiders, even ignoring that their team also had a strange metahuman called The Drummer. It seems clear that The Drummer has a hidden agenda tied to the old Wildstorm Universe. What that agenda is, however, is anyone’s guess.

Outsiders #1 is now available at comic shops everywhere.