Ruby Rose Sums up Differences Between Kate Kane and Batwoman

In the upcoming The CW’s Batwoman, Bruce Wayne’s cousin Kate Kane has to step up and become Gotham’s vigilante after Batman‘s sudden disappearance. Taking the place of the Dark Knight in Gotham and in the fans’ hearts will be no easy job, though. In a recent interview with the New York TimesBatwoman leading actress Ruby Rose has summarized some of the characteristics which differentiate Kane from her caped alter-ego.

“Batwoman is kind of like Batman,” Rose said. “She’s sort of no-nonsense, very stern. She’s cheeky but she doesn’t speak a ton, and when she does, she kind of does a lower voice, hiding her identity. When I do fight sequences and stunts as Batwoman, I do the Alexander Technique, where we study the bat and study the movement. Even the head movements are kind of batlike, so it feels like two different people.”

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Then the actress compared Batwoman to her famous cousin Bruce Wayne, in carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders.

“Kate has been through a lot,” Rose added. “She’s broody because she’s lost everything. Her sister died, her mum died, her dad doesn’t want her. She’s kicked out of the military and her girlfriend lied to stay in the military. She’s trying to deal with so much trauma that there’s not a lot of room for happiness. I think that she carries all this heaviness like Bruce Wayne, in the Batman world.”

Ruby Rose now has to live up to fan expectations, as one of the most difficult aspects of portraying a “borderline” superhero like Batman or Batwoman is diversifying the “normal” character from the masked alter-ego.

Batwoman will debut on October 6 on The CW. Do you think that Ruby Rose has a good handle on the differences between Kate Kane and Batwoman? Let us know in the comments section below.