Laurence Fishburne Will Produce a Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Animated Series

Via Variety, Laurence Fisburne will executive produce an animated series based on Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. Disney Channel has already picked up the show and ordered a first season.

Devil Dinosaur is a Jack Kirby creation who also headlined his own comic in 1978. Amy Reeder, Brandon Montclare, and artist Natacha Bustos created Moon Girl, a.k.a. Lunella Lafayette. Lunaella is a nine-year old girl who may also be the smartest person on Earth.

Since Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur debuted in 2016, the series has earned a sizable following with younger readers. Both Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur have earned their place in the larger Marvel Universe. Lunella is also an Inhuman whose power allows her to swap bodies with Devil, but largely at inconvenient times.

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“As an avid comic book fan, I am thrilled to be involved with Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur,” said Fishburne in a statement. “Disney Channel is the perfect platform to explore this pint-sized female African American superhero and I can’t wait for their audience to enjoy the lighthearted adventures of Lunella and Devil Dinosaur.”

“Disney TV Animation is thrilled to collaborate with renowned producers Laurence, Helen and Steve and the talented Marvel Animation team to bring this modern-day roller-skating, gadget-wielding tween superhero and her larger-than-life partner to Disney Channel,” added Disney Channel’s Meredith Roberts.

Fishburne’s Cinema Gypsy Productions will team with Marvel Animation & Family Entertainment on the series. Steve Lotor (Kim Possible) is on board as an executive producer alongside Fishburne and Helen Sugland. Jeff Howard and Kate Kondell will be story editors and co-producers on the series.

Are you happy to see Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur get their own TV series? Which characters would you also like to see in the show? Let us know in the comment section below!

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