Krysten Ritter Is More Than Willing to Play Jessica Jones Again

Jessica Jones and the rest of Marvel’s Defenders series came to an end largely because of issues between Netflix and Disney. As the last of the Marvel Netflix shows, Jessica Jones managed to wrap things up as neatly as possible. Recently, Krysten Ritter expressed her satisfaction with the ending, while also sharing her belief that she’ll never play Jessica Jones again.

Because Ritter’s comments were misinterpreted to mean that she would never reprise her role, she set the record straight on her Twitter account.

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Because of the deal initially signed by Marvel and Netflix, none of the characters from the various series can be used for up to two years after their respective cancellations. This means that Jessica Jones can’t make her live-action return any sooner than 2021. And while it seems unlikely that a brand new Jessica Jones series would launch on Hulu, Marvel has expressed a desire to revisit all of the heroes cancelled by Netflix. How that would happen remains to be seen.

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