Jessica Jones season 3 episode 7 recap

Jessica Jones Season 3 Episode 7 Recap

Erik might be safe and sound after his ordeal with Greg, but safety continued to have a fleeting quality. Not even Jessica Jones could feel safe knowing the evil she might’ve unleashed on the city. But things got even worse as evil got a new ally with whom Jessica was very familiar: Jeri. Call it a hail mary, because taking on Greg’s case is the epitome of desperation. The move kept her firm in the public eye, but not everyone in her house seemed ready to sell their soul. Jeri’s perceived betrayal irked Jessica, but her focus shifted to Greg’s hometown. There’s a chance she could find his first kill and hopefully pin him to the mat.

New Client, New Adversary

With no hard evidence against him, the NYPD is forced to let Greg walk, though he doesn’t leave the police station alone. He is accompanied by his new attorney, Jeri. Her usual spin is interrupted when Greg mentions a second masked woman and launches into another anti-super rant. He labels Jessica Jones feminist vindicator before eyeing her and pointing the press in her direction. The move angers Jeri, but Greg remains incredulous, believing he is a more capable lawyer than her. The revelation isn’t unwarranted though. Zaya discovers that multiple clients of Jeri’s firm claimed a masked woman framed them. Jeri puts Zaya on the case, believing someone is targeting her firm.

Her top investigator, on the other hand, is finally fed up. Shortly after Jessica warns Jeri about taking Greg on as a client, Malcolm finds Jeri and Zaya meeting with him. He’s upset at Zaya for defending a murderer and assigns himself to look into Greg’s past. It’s time to make up for all the built-up guilt, though he’ll still have to explain hooking up with Brianna to Zaya. Or why he seemed so cordial with the masked woman.

Small Town Boy

Jessica and Trish regroup after her venting session at Jeri’s. Erik and Brianna are thankfully far from the city. The sisters will be too soon enough. Their best bet to find evidence against Greg is to go back to his roots and find his first kill. Anyone’s first anything is usually their most sloppy. And a serial killer with a dead brother screams origin. The two drive to Greg’s hometown, Wappinger Falls, to investigate. The town’s police are resistant to aid a super, especially when she’s targeting a sweet boy like Greg. Jessica calls in a distraction from Trish and steals a large number of case files.

The two pour over the reports, determining that Donny’s death was, in fact, an accident. The frustration pours over to the next morning until Trish reveals a new lead. Greg’s high school friend and wrestling teammate Nathan Silva went missing years ago. Jessica pays his family a visit while Trish allows Malcolm access to Jessica’s files on Greg. In between dodging barbs from Nathan’s mother, Jessica learns that Nathan and Greg had a falling out over a scholarship offer. Fortune over ability. Jessica finds a photo of Nathan taken by Greg on the day he disappeared. The photo leads her to believe that something is under the family’s gazebo. With police weapons drawn on her, Jessica tosses the gazebo aside and punches the ground until she finds Nathan’s body stuffed in a high school wrestling duffel bag. Macabre jackpot.

Public Eye

Jessica’s ordeal with the media stays on her mind throughout the trip. Mostly because Trish won’t let it lie. She relates to her sister, referencing the public exposure of her drug issues. But Trish sees a level of freedom in having her faults exposed like that. It allows you to reclaim power. Trish believes Jessica could have that same reclamation if she allows for some vulnerability.

This also might’ve just been a pep talk to herself though as Trish calls in a tip on herself to the New York Bulletin. A photographer arrives to snap pictures of a masked Trish as she leaps from a bridge to the ground.

Jessica gets her first shot at this during Greg’s wrestling class at the community center. Both she and Malcolm follow him to the building, but Greg only spots Jessica. He invites her in, calls her undisciplined, and challenges her to a fair fight on the wrestling mat. Jessica knows that he wants her to lose her cool but doesn’t allow herself to do so. Her resistance allows Greg to take her down and pin her, but he loses control when she mentions Nathan. Greg begins ragefully charging her as the gathered crowd record and cheer Jessica. Greg is easily subdued and Jessica walks out a renewed figure as Greg’s students give her a standing applause.

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