Jessica Jones season 3 episode 6 recap

Jessica Jones Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

A bundle of floating body bags properly exposed Greg as the psychopath that he is, but he once again evaded Jessica Jones’ grasp. That proved to hold dire consequences as he took Erik hostage with the intent to make him his latest model. Jessica found herself in a race against time to save her new lover and hopefully give the police enough to take down Greg. Jeri also found herself up against the clock as the fallout from Peter’s video threatened her firm’s solvency. One goal is more virtuous than the other, but both hold heavy consequences all around.

Fortune Over Ability

As the police comb through his dump tank, Greg has more pressing matters at hand. Chiefly a tied up Erik. The two are posted up in a secluded location as Greg readies his camera. Greg launches into a diatribe about how supers like Jessica are cheaters because they, unlike Greg, didn’t earn anything. The monologue makes Erik wary about Greg finding out about his powers but it gives him a chance to work on his bindings. Greg asks how Erik was able to find him, but he deflects. That earns him a slash on the chest.

Erik tries to distract Greg by mentioning his family. Greg recognizes Erik’s ploy yet still recalls how his father and brother treated him poorly. His brother, Donny, had everything handed to him while Greg’s accomplishments were laughed at. That only grew worse after Donny died. The memory makes Greg more aggressive, but he notices Erik’s condition when he gets close to him. Greg deduces that Erik is “allergic” to him and grabs his head, causing a migraine so bad that Erik cried blood. Erik reveals his power and Greg relishes the chance to kill another cheater.

Crisis Management

Jeri calls an emergency meeting as her firm is drastically losing clients after Peter’s video. Malcolm stays away, choosing to rather track down Brianna. Jessica tips him off to her location and Malcolm takes the time to beat her pimp senseless. He tells Brianna that Greg has Erik and leaves. Jessica asks him about his change in demeanor, but Malcolm deflects as Brianna returns to his apartment.

Jeri’s firm isn’t her only worry. She keeps trying to reach out to Kith to no avail. Jeri tries to visit her, but Kith’s son, Laurent, stops her, knocking her to the ground out of frustration. The resulting wrist injury stings, but a harshing injury comes back at the office. Her firm lost two-thirds of its business as the Rand corporation pulls their account.

Elsewhere, Trish is forced to reveal her powers to Dorothy. Her mother is concerned about the dangerous nature of her newfound side gig, but Trish pushes back immediately. She isn’t going to take anything from the woman that abused and hovered over her. Dorothy accurately realizes she caused Trish too much damage and leaves.

Asserting Fairness

Trish remains impatient with Jessica’s decision to let the police handle Greg, but she has good reason. She doesn’t want Greg getting off for any reason. She accuses Trish of having too much fun being a hero. They back off until Jessica discovers that Greg has Erik. Now she has some motivation. Jessica learns that there were only seven bodies in the tanker, which doesn’t line up with the eight pictures Trish found. He shares the list of victims with her and they identify the missing victim as the very much alive Casper Marx.

Jessica pays Casper a visit and learns that he escaped solely because he thought Greg’s tactics were a kink thing and tried to kiss him. It turns out that Greg is holding Erik at Casper’s old kitchen. Erik breaks free and attacks Greg just as Jessica busts down the door. Trish isn’t far behind and the two take Greg down. Trish and Erik exit before the police arrives to take Greg downtown.


Unfortunately, there isn’t enough evidence to keep Greg locked up. The bodies in the tanker are clean of his DNA. The news sends Jessica to Jeri for advice should Erik turn witness against Greg.  Jeri believes that a blackmailer would still have to serve a year even if they testified. The news isn’t great, but it’s better than nothing. It also piques Jeri’s interest in the case.

Erik reveals that he knows Trish saved him at Sal’s before Brianna comes in to check on him. Jessica joins them, letting them know the bad news. Trish doesn’t think a year in prison would be so bad, but being around that many evil people could kill Erik. Things are left unsettled as Jessica and Erik settle in for a cuddle. Being a hero is who Jessica is, according to Erik, but that also makes you a topic of discussion with psychopaths like Greg. His verbiage about bringing pain to power concerns Erik. He might be in custody now, but their intrusion into life might have only unleashed him.

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