Jessica Jones season 3 episode 5 recap

Jessica Jones Season 3 Episode 5 Recap

A blackmail scam might’ve unearthed Greg Sallinger, but it’ll take much more to bring down the suspected murderer. The challenge was enough to bring Jessica Jones and Trish back together, proving that certain bitterness overrides others. Such emotional schisms aren’t immediately patched, but the sisters stayed on the same page enough to learn Greg’s true nature. They may still be on the outs somewhat, but Jessica and Trish might’ve finally recaptured their previous bond. The same cannot be said for Jeri. Some crises are too volatile for even the most talented damage controllers. Especially when they involve past loves.


Jessica and Trish’s new partnership begins with Jessica’s rundown on Greg. He’s very smart, clever and violent. None of those characteristics sway Trish from wanting to rush him, but Jessica wants to take him down the right way. A stakeout is in order. Putting eyes on Greg reaps returns quickly as Trish notices him admiring a hidden photo album. Against Jessica’s judgment, she cuts the building’s power and sneaks a peek at the album. It’s full of images depicting grimacing faces.

Jessica follows Greg as Trish runs her infiltration. He posts up on a bench across the street from some sex workers until Erik arrives. Jessica watches them exchange words until Erik breaks away and pulls one of the sex workers into a hotel. Her questions about the altercation are soon answered. The woman with Erik is his sister, Brianna, and Greg threatened her life. They all return to Jessica’s office, where Trish and Gillian are waiting with more information on Greg. She dumps Brianna and the bloody money with Malcolm before Trish reveals that Greg is a serial killer.


Speaking of Malcolm, he’s taking a “vacation” after releasing the incriminating information on Peter per Jeri’s request. Peter might recognize him and there’s a chance he might show up at Jeri’s office after he barged into her home. That’s just the tip of the issue though. Peter is onto Jeri’s game and releases a video condemning Jeri and her law firm for undermining legal practices and protecting supers like Jessica. The video also shows him slash his wrists. Jeri tries to reach out to Kith afterward, but she vehemently tells her to stay away.

Malcolm blames himself when he learns of Peter’s death, but there’s a more physical problem at his door. Brianna called her pimp and he’s there to collect. Malcolm gets a sucker punch for his protests and Brianna is back on the streets.

Luring The Beast

The sisters cannot stop fighting even with damning information in hand. Trish is upset that Jessica doesn’t treat her like an equal, but Jessica has good reason to not. She’s been on the hero beat much longer and she still resents Trish for killing her mother. Trish killed the only person she had in her eyes. Trish points out that Jessica always had someone before storming out. Jessica drowns herself in Erik before keying in on Greg’s handsaw. He’s been cutting the bodies up to dispose of them. It’s sickening, but it gives Jessica an idea.

Jessica calls on Trish to call in a favor at the morgue in order to test Greg’s supposed saw and vacuum bag MO. They toss a severed arm into Greg’s apartment and watch him fawn over it. He quickly notices Jessica outside and calls the police, but Trish watches him leave with the arm. The two follow him to a train yard where he drops the bag in a tanker. Jessica checks it, finding multiple bags of severed body parts inside. Trish continues following Greg as Jessica gets trapped in the tanker. Worse, the tanker starts to fill with asphyxiating chemicals. Trish chooses to save Jessica rather than chase down Greg. Trish apologizes for killing Jessica’s mom before bolting when the cops arrive.

Not everyone is safe though. Greg attacks Erik in his hotel room, choking him out.

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