Jessica Jones season 3 episode 4 recap

Jessica Jones Season 3 Episode 4 Recap

Discussions on self-perception and strength remained points of contention as Jessica Jones chugged along. Erik’s true nature sent he and Jessica on a chase after a trio of dark figures. The hunt allowed Erik plenty of opportunities to prod Jessica about her motivations and needs. Maybe she does need a running mate after all, but she seemed to prefer her new burger buddy over Trish. But she might need all the help she can get after her first run in with the uber-manipulative Greg Sallinger. We’ve got villain sign the likes of which even God has never seen.

Scavenger Hunt

Erik finally comes clean about why he might be a target. He owes money to a bookie named Sal and utilized his power to sense darkness within people to blackmail three random people for the funds. The power clearly haunts Erik, forcing him to live in a alcohol-fueled sedation. Jessica knows something about that. Regardless, she offers to help believing that her attacker is one of the three blackmail victims. Trish shows up to once again try to help her sister, but Jessica rebukes her. Trish needs to find her own bad guy. That doesn’t take long as she overhears Erik mention Sal on the phone.

Jessica and Erik get to work the next day, tracking the first payment to a child pornographer. Trish calls to bring Jessica’s attention to Sal, but Jessica dismisses her contribution. The second payment leads to a woman that embezzled millions from her employees pensions. The third money drop is nowhere to be found, giving Erik a chance to walk away while warning Jessica about following the lead. He has enough money to pay back Sal from the first two payments but, more importantly, anything they do won’t make a dent in the world’s darkness. Jessica isn’t swayed and continues to track the third perp alone.

Dirty Hands

Jeri and Kith continue their fling as Jeri’s mortality rings louder and louder in her head. So much so that she remains steadfast in finding something that will split up Kith and Peter despite their affair being acceptable. Well, Malcolm remains steadfast on Jeri’s behalf, though the sinking morality of his actions continues piling onto him. That doesn’t keep him from using that leverage for a better contract with Jeri. She agrees and he shares that Peter has been withdrawing funds from a scholarship fund set up in the name of he and Kith’s dead daughter. Jeri chooses to sit on the information for now. She has somewhere else to be.

Jeri and Kith have an pleasure-filled experience at a concert while Trish confronts Malcolm about the nature of his work at Jeri’s firm. That internal conflict gets stronger when Jeri orders Malcolm to release the dirt. A fling isn’t enough. She has to drive an unforgivable wedge.

Blood Money

Erik returns with Sal’s money, but he’s three hours late. He’s tossed into a pool with weights tied to him, but Trish arrives to take out Sal and her goons. Erik makes his escape as Trish dodges one last surge from Sal. The fall causes Sal to accidentally impale herself on a crowbar. The sight floods Trish with guilt, but she has sweaters to sell.

Jessica’s chase ends at the empty apartment of Greg Sallinger. Greg is a man of many hobbies and accolades. Multiple degrees, athletic awards and odd hobbies line the walls. The thing out of place seems to be a kitchen knife. She realizes Greg’s her guy as he walks in the door. H cowers at first but this proves simply to be a ploy to record Jessica threatening him. Greg’s arrogance exudes as the two try to psychoanalyze each other. That wraps up when Greg produces the missing knife from his backpack, hinting that he broke into Jessica’s place. He calls 911 to force Jessica to leave.

Jessica finds Erik asleep at her doorstep upon return. Erik tells Jessica about Trish’s actions before she tells him about Greg. They find a present from Greg inside: a bag of blood-soaked money. Jessica pegs Greg as a murderer before calling into Trish’s sweater show. She’s changed her mind. She needs that clingy, virtuous sweater after all if she’s going to take down this new threat.

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