Swamp Thing Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Swamp Thing season 1 episode 3 recap

While DC Universe’s Swamp Thing doesn’t have a future beyond the first season, things are really starting to heat up on the bayou. The mutagenic qualities of the swamp might be far more vast than originally thought. Alec’s transformation stands as a prime example of such. But Abby’s preoccupations focused far more on the humanity of the beast that saved Susie. That relationship remained rife for growth as the two remained separated by nature. But Avery desire to exploit the swamp, and others in his life, threatened to throw the city and his image into the muck. A gentile southern gentleman just can’t have his reputation sullied in that way, now can he?

New Management

Susie’s words about Alec’s fate continue to swirl through her head the morning after. She tells Liz, asking her to keep it a secret, before being called back to the hospital. A new crop of CDC officials are on the scene and begin superseding Abby’s requests. Jason is on board too. Abby finds him examining Susie’s father’s body in the morgue. Her questions about Jason’s relationship with Avery are answered with theories toward the parasitic and carnivorous nature of the vines. Abby’s attempts to humanize the twisted pile of flesh and plant remain shortsighted in Jason’s eyes. This is the epitome of nature’s innate cruelty.

Abby seeks out her last ally, Harlan, but discovers that he’s infected. His collapse pushes Abby to search Alec’s lab whether Avery likes it or not. Liz asks her girlfriend to check Skeeter Cove for debris from Alec’s boat as Abby hopefully heads toward answers.

Fighting Back

Alec’s transformation continues to haunt him. The spirit of Munson, the man he murdered the night before, appears in his nightmares promising to come back. That comes true as a swarm of swamp bugs reanimate Munson’s body and help him consume a stray hunter. The bugs begin to crawl into Alec’s lab as Abby searches through Alec’s notes. Munson bursts in, but Alec isn’t far behind. He defends Abby, subduing Munson and ordering the bugs to release him. Abby and Alec reconnect in a quiet moment. He tells her the swamp isn’t on the offensive. It’s fighting back.

Those words inspire Abby to alter her treatment for the infected, using immunosuppressants instead of antibiotics. Her new plan works. She pays Susie a visit afterward. The little girl knows that Abby and Alec met and reminds her that he’s scared and going through such a harsh transformation alone. Abby reassures her that things will be ok.

Loose Ends

Avery’s image as Marais’ Rockefeller might be more plastic than anything. Liz uncovers illegal loan kickbacks benefiting Avery and confronts local banker Gordon. She doesn’t get any information out of him, but it shakes him enough to tell Avery that he’s out. Unfortunately, he chose to stand up to Avery at the exact moment that Maria decided to stop giving Avery money. Having Shawna’s ghost inspire the move is strange, but what’s done is done. Avery takes things into his own hands, breaking into Gordon’s home and beating him to death with a golf club. Liz comes to the door looking for Gordon but leaves before Avery can remove her. There still someone who knows how his financial crimes.

Elsewhere, Abby meets up with Matt. He takes the opportunity to finally ask her to dance, even playing a song from their prom night. They dance together as Alec watches from the bog through a window. Abby sees him, locking eyes and internalizing feelings left unresolved.

There might be more in store for Abby than originally thought though. Xanadu reads Daniel’s tarot, a common practice, revealing that Abby might be the person he’s been waiting for. She could end his years-long entrapment in Marais.

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