Swamp Thing season 1 episode 2 recap

Swamp Thing Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

It hasn’t been the best week for Swamp Thing following its debut. The show delivered a grotesque recreation of a long underserved character, showing a ton of promise in the process. But no sooner had Alec’s transformation completed did DC Universe announce the show’s cancellation. No matter the reason, the move must’ve felt like a gut punch to a crew that clearly showed they had a handle on what the character could be. Regardless, the first season rolls on, and Alec’s scripted struggles aren’t done yet. Abby is still on the case despite Avery’s attempts to block her from Alec’s research. The outbreak isn’t getting any better, but Susie displayed some interesting connections to fully vegged Alec. With so many secrets, plenty are bound to be exposed at some point.

Proprietary Information

Abby remains in the swamp after Alec’s accident, searching for him alongside Matt. The search ends abruptly when the Sheriff, who just so happens to be Matt’s mom, arrives positing a theory that Alec’s boat exploded due to a mechanical failure. Abby mentions seeing something in the swamp but the Sheriff doesn’t believe her and shoos her away. She returns to Liz’s place, waking from a nightmare about Shawna to learn that there are two new cases of the virus. She briefly meets Liz’s partner, Margeaux, before discussing the prior night’s events. Neither believes that the fate of Alec’s boat was an accident. Abby reveals that Alec had been looking into the connections between the dumping of mutagen accelerant and the viral outbreak. The only place that will have answers is Alec’s lab, and there’s only one person that can give Abby access: Avery Sunderland.

Against Liz’s advice, Abby goes to Avery’s home. She takes in numerous pictures of her deceased friend before Avery apologizes for letting her shoulder so much blame for Shawna’s death. Avery sees Abby as his daughter as well, and he should’ve been more supportive when Maria lashed out against her. A small amount of solace comes across Abby before she asks for access to Alec’ lab. Avery’s demeanor changes at the request, denying her request due to the “proprietary information” stored within. That kind of research is too good to spoil by letting it publicly leak. Abby threatens to get a court order, but Avery responds simply by saying he still loves Abby. He always had a way of making saying no seem like a favor.

Liz reveals an alternative source at Alec’s place. His de facto landlord, and Hollywood wannabe, Daniel allowed him to store some journal entries on his computer after Avery fired Alec. Abby views the video entry form the night of the incident, getting emotional when she hears Alec speak about taking a liking to her before everything went underwater. The mood shifts when she learns that Susie has once again disappeared from the hospital.

A Mother’s Pain

Maria continues to struggle with resolving the tragic death of her daughter. Avery finds her lying in Shawna’s bed. There’s some clear resentment between the two, with Maria pointing out that Avery didn’t know Shawna as she did. The memories and Abby’s return lead Maria to visit Madame Xanadu, a blind voodoo priestess, in search of spiritual aid. She lays hands on Maria only to be thrown back by the image of Shawna. Maria is tossed backward into a glass door as well. Xanadu warns her about a change in the balance between dark and light before advising Maria to let Shawna go. Maria clearly doesn’t take the advice to heart as Shawna’s spirit is seen lying next to her in Shawna’s bed the next time Avery finds her there.

A Father’s Secret

Avery’s meeting with Abby adds to his worry about his chemical dumping operation. The viral outbreak could topple everything he’s built should the town find out his connection to the cause. He summons Jason and Caroline Woodrue, the doctors that developed the mutagen accelerant for him, to his home. After displaying his obsessive tendencies toward flora, Jason takes a tongue lashing from Avery about the accelerant’s side effects. Jason remains unconvinced that his creation has any but agrees to look into it anyway. Avery demands that he fix it, threatening both. He’ll get his swamp-sired fortune of land, minerals and money by any means.

His Name Is Alec

Susie’s disappearance comes after a series of odd occurrences. She exhibits a connection with the newly transformed Alec, including mirroring each other’s movements. Susie mentions that he was hurting himself because he doesn’t understand what is happening to him during a routine checkup with a doctor. She needs to go to the man in the dark, and a tree branch allows her to escape by breaking a hospital window.

Her trail leads Abby and Matt to the docks. Evidence suggests she snuck aboard Game Warden Robitaille’s boat headed for Skeeter Cove. Susie remains stowed away in a cargo bin as Robitaille stumbles upon two men in a boat pulling up accelerant boxes. He confronts them only to get a hook in the face. The threat to Susie’s life awakens Alec. He begins to pursue her as she makes her escape, the killer close behind.

The killer corners Susie in a dilapidated house, but Alec arrives to defend her. His body heals nearly immediately from a series of stab wounds before summoning a collection of vines to tear the killer apart. Abby finds Robitaille’s body and runs toward Susie after hearing her scream from a distance. She arrives at the bog to find Susie resting with Alec. The sight of the swamp creature freezes Abby where she stands. Susie calms Abby as she walks toward her. Alec vanishes back into the swamp as Matt arrives on the scene. Abby asks Susie about the creature on their way back. The young girl informs Abby that he’s afraid because he doesn’t know what is happening to him. Her final detail lands on Abby like a brick: his name is Alec.

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