Melissa Rosenberg Praises Krysten Ritter’s Directorial Work on Jessica Jones Season 3

Krysten Ritter is about to tackle motherhood with the impending birth of her first child. But a year ago, she tried her hand at a completely different kind of challenge. It was announced last summer that Ritter would make her directorial debut with an episode of Jessica Jones’ upcoming third season. TV actors making the jump to directing episodes of their own show can be daunting. But according to series creator and showrunner Melissa Rosenberg, Ritter was more than up to the task.

“It’s something she’s wanted to do for a long time and is certainly qualified to do,” Rosenberg told “She and I started talking about it last season as well, but she’s in every scene of every episode so it just wasn’t possible. And then, as we were creating season three in the writers’ room we realized the scene had even been written already and someone went ‘Oh my god! She’s not even really in this!’ So, what a great opportunity.”

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The news of Ritter’s behind-the-scenes involvement is bittersweet now, since the new season of Jessica Jones will be its last. Still, it could be a fitting way to say goodbye to the character she’s played so well for four years. And thankfully, Rosenberg insists she’s a natural at the craft.

“Marvel agreed to it and Netflix did as well,” reveals Rosenberg. “So I was able to hire her as a director and it was really very serendipitous that it worked out that way. She just fricking nailed it, man. There was no sign whatsoever that she was a first-time director. I’ve worked with directors with far more experience that were not even as near organized and specific.”

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