Carrie-Ann Moss Teases Jeri Hogarth’s Role in Jessica Jones Season 3

Jeri Hogarth has always been one of the most intriguing supporting characters in Netflix’s corner of the MCU. This is mainly because of the way Carrie-Ann Moss’ performance plays with the audience’s emotions. During Jessica Jones’ first season, Jeri’s willingness to accept Kilgrave’s help in dissolving her marriage led fans to view her as an antagonist. However, her ALS diagnosis in season 2 caused viewers to see her in a more sympathetic light. With Jessica Jones’ final season fast approaching, Moss is sharing what fans can expect from the high-powered attorney this year.

The last time we saw Jeri, she was starting a new law firm after blackmailing her former legal partners into handing over the majority of their clients. It looked like she was back on top after an entire season spent getting knocked down. But while speaking with, Moss revealed that Jeri is still feeling low at the start of season 3.

“She’s struggling and she is coming to terms with her isolation and her aloneness,” said Moss. “She’s very alone and she reaches out to Jessica at a very pivotal moment.”

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Despite this, Moss insists that Jeri’s unscrupulous resolve is still intact.

“She’s struggling and she’s manipulating, and she’s always trying to win,” added Moss. “She’s up against her greatest foe, which is the diagnosis of ALS. I think all of it builds towards who we see in the third season and what she’s been through all impacts all of it. She’s a fighter though. She’s always trying to find a way to be in control of it and we definitely see some vulnerable moments with her. But yeah, I think that season two and all that she went through of course impacted who she is in season three for sure.”

Are you excited to see what Jessica Jones season 3 has planned for Jeri Hogarth? Do you think that Jeri deserves a happy ending? Let us know in the comment section below!

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