Black Lightning season 2 episode 15 recap

Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 15 Recap

The Pierce family knows all too well that the wind isn’t always at your back. They at least found solace from their individual tribulations in each other’s company, but even that was revealed to be a farce. Odell is watching them, determined to satiate his suspicion that the Pierces are linked to Black Lightning and Thunder. Toss in Tobias’ defrosted crew of metas, the return of Lala and Jennifer’s renewed thirst for vengeance and it’s no wonder that Freeland is on fire. Both figuratively and literally.

A New Family Code

The Pierce family gathers for another family dinner/meeting. Having two superpowered daughters throws new wrinkles into typical parenting practices. Sometimes you have to improvise, and Jefferson puts forth a new code: three simple rules they must adhere to as heroes. They can’t tell anyone about their powers, must always have backup and cannot kill under any circumstances. Jennifer and Anissa push back on that last one, pointing out that Freeland would be better off with Tobias dead. Jefferson isn’t backing down. Donning the suit doesn’t allow them to make bad choices. The sisters reluctantly agree as Odell looks on from his surveillance HQ.

Speaking of suits, Jennifer has a date with Gambi to test out her suit prototype once again. Jefferson tags along this time and looks on as his daughter is able to control her powers. The sight sparks memories of Jefferson raising his baby girl. Jennifer calls him out on getting sappy but Jefferson deflects with an invitation to lunch. Jennifer tries to convince her father than Tobias is a unique case over some grub, but Jefferson doesn’t budge. Just because they have powers doesn’t mean that they get to decide who lives and dies. He warns Jennifer that using her powers to kill leads to darkness. The message doesn’t land fully, but Jennifer drops the issue for the moment.

Extra Lives

Lala has a new code as well, and he isn’t afraid to get lethal. He returns to Lazarus after the realization that he killed Earl and Tobias is the source of his pain. Lazarus isn’t too keen on Tobias either seeing as he killed the woman to whom he was most loyal, Lady Eve. They both determine that Tobias is better off dead and Lazarus provides Lala with a gun for his mission. Lazarus points out that Lala is more powerful than any gun thanks to his ability to return from the dead. That’s all fine and well with Lala. Dying and returning over and over again is simply a ways to a means for him. He just wants to take out Tobias so he can finally rest.

Breaking The Rules

It isn’t long before those who swore to the new Pierce family code to find ways around its tenets. Lynn schedules Molly some sessions with Perenna, but asks Jennifer to talk with her despite Jefferson’s decree. They’re both dealing with newfound powers and involuntarily altered futures. It would also help ease Lynn’s mind as tensions between young metas and the Freeland PD continue to rise following the shooting of a Green Light child known as Cape Guy. Jennifer agress to do so, but Odell threatens to end any plans by forcing Molly into his violent training program again. Lynn stands up to him, unwilling to let Molly lose agency in her future. Odell suspiciously backs down, stating that he’ll “wait.”

Anissa decides to weave her way around the rules after connecting the dots and realizing that Grace is a shapeshifter. It’s all in the eyes and a conversation with Gambi plants the seed that germinates during a rooftop chat with her sister. Jennifer pushes her to find Grace and reveal her meta abilities in an effort to salvage their relationship. After all, if Grace is ashamed and afraid of being a meta then learning her love is one as well would provide plenty of peace.

Demolition Demonstration

Elsewhere, Tobias’ time laying low is coming to an end in a boisterous and lucrative fashion. He wakes up the remaining three meta soldiers and gives them the “you work for me” speech. The Green Light Children pods are set to open in a week or two, but Tobias has plans ahead their release. He’s got a demo to prep for his new meta-human arms trafficking. Cutter puts a small dent in his plans when she slices Marcus’ neck for speaking out of line, but Tobias is flexible. He nominates a pyromancer named Joe to be his lead and unleashes him on the streets of Freeland.

Gambi and Jefferson are on the scene while Gambi tracks radiation traces in search of Tobias’ hideout. Joe burns Councilman Parker to a crisp during a speech and heats up the city’s gas pipes, causing multiple homes near the Pierces’ to burst into flames. Jefferson dispatches Gambi to secure Jennifer while he and Thunder take on Joe. The twosome get the upper hand and Tobias is forced to recall Joe at Helga’s advice. He destroys a pod in anger as Helga tries to slide a wedge between him and Cutter.

Cutter has her own problem at hand though when Lala enters. Multiple knives do little to stop him and Cutter flees to find Tobias. The two rush out as Jennifer, in full costume, arrives on the scene. It seems that she secretly swiped Tobias’ location from Gambi’s computer. Tobias and Cutter speed away as Jennifer’s suit begins to overload, leaving her in a writhing heap in the middle of the road.

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