Producer Talks Plans for a Black Lightning-The Flash Crossover

After four seasons and 58 episodes, Black Lightning has officially wrapped up following the final clash between the titular hero and Tobias. The show, which debuted on Jan. 16, 2018, followed the adventures of Jefferson Pierce, who gained electricity-based powers after a vaccine. Salim Akil developed the series for The CW, and had several ideas for crossing over the masked hero from Freeland with his fellow superheroes from the Arrowverse. In particular, Akil saw Jefferson hitting it off with Barry Allen during last year’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover.

“We also thought it would be interesting to, in some way, have Flash and his wife, Iris [Candice Patton], come to dinner and Barry reveals he was raised by a Black family,” Akil said while talking with EW. “To finally see some of that come out, we wanted to have someone say like, ‘Hey, Barry, go put on some music,’ and Barry puts on some of the deepest soul you can find and they think, ‘Oh, maybe he’s trying to impress us.’ So fun things like that and then we [would find] out some deeper things about who he really is. Of course, crime-fighting and that sort of thing.”

Akil also teased some plans for Thunder and Grace to visit Batwoman‘s Gotham City.

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Unfortunately, COVID-19 kept those from happening during the show’s run, and it looks like any plans are on hold for now. At the same time, it doesn’t mean they can’t happen sooner or later.

“I have had people from The Flash reach out, asking if I’d come do some work with them,” said actor Cress Williams, but added that the time isn’t right to say if this will happen or not.

The entire Black Lightning series is available to binge-watch on the CW website.

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