Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 14 Recap

Black Lightning season 2 episode 14 recap

Tobias’ new toys took a backseat this week as one of his old ones reemerged with a personal agenda and vengeance on the brain. Yes, Lala is back from the dead once again, and ready to take the fight to Freeland’s symbol of hope, Black Lightning. Or so it seemed. Jefferson wasn’t the only Pierce having a rough go of it today. Each family member met their own individual stressors, but none fully grasped their obstacles’ full capabilities. One’s true nature cannot remain hidden forever though. Multiple clashes are on the horizon as the season’s end nears.

Repetition & Redemption

Lala just won’t stay dead. He sets his sights on Jefferson following his latest resurrection, confronting him at Garfield. They speak about repeated pasts until Lala fires a round into Jefferson’s shoulder. He resists retaliating with his powers and allows Lala to opine about his unfinished business. That business pertains to the death of Lala’s friend Earl. The ghosts of Lawanda and Will distract and enrage Lala with their angel and devil routine, giving Jefferson enough time to remove the bullet and cauterize the wound.

Things calm as Jefferson reminisces about Lala and Earl’s time at Garfield. Jefferson doesn’t know how Earl died. He only knows that he was found stuffed in a basketball hoop. Jefferson might have some guilt to bear though as he advised Earl to go to the cops after being harassed by the 100. The clean exit from a future of drug dealing Lala offered Earl was nulled by the act, forcing Lala to kill Earl himself to prove his loyalty to Tobias. He thanks Jefferson for the chat and leaves to exact revenge from Tobias. Earl’s ghost is waiting for him in the hall and joins Lawanda and Will as tattoos on Lala’s body.

What was born from a pile of flesh and a vat of chemicals now seeks peace through redemption. Lala believes that takes the form of killing Tobias and saving Freeland. Maybe then he can finally die.

Finding Trouble In Hope

Grace’s disappearance continues to eat at Anissa. Jennifer emboldens her to find her lost lover by invoking Khalil’s death. She’s lucky to have hope that her relationship can be saved. The pep talk and the discovery of Grace’s foster brother push Anissa into action. She hits a wall when Grace’s foster brother shuts her out amid warnings about trouble finding her. Anissa leaves as the man hides and morphs into Grace. Her girlfriend is a shapeshifter.

Anissa returns, disguised as Thunder, and busts into the apartment. She finds a disemboweled cow inside before Grace, disguised as her foster brother, attacks. The two fight through the apartment until Grace transforms into a mysterious beast and escapes into the night. Anissa is left alone once again with more questions than answers.

“I Had a Day”

Jennifer and Lynn had their plates full as well. Lynn and Odell clash once again over her treatment and testing of the lone remaining Green Light child, Wendy. She rebukes his desire to weaponize Wendy and has her clearance revoked in response. Lynn is forced to watch as Odell tortures the young lady he compared to a dog.

Jennifer and Gambi collaborate on the design of her first suit, but she can’t contain her excitement. Gambi is only able to complete the base layer before she wants to test it out. The test goes well enough until a playful moonwalk sparks a fire. The situation calms quickly, but it’s enough to shake Jennifer. She emerges from the situation with a heightened sense of caution.

The Pierces convene for family pizza night at the end of their long days. Each unpack their experience to the family except for Jefferson. He chooses to down some whiskey instead. Jennifer provides some levity when she offers Anissa support in her search for Grace once again. Just because they’re weird doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve love. The Pierce family remains strong, but they have an uninvited guest at the table. Odell is watching them from a hotel room. He makes sure the operation remains a secret by killing the ASA techs that set up the stakeout. Much like Proctor, Odell has plans for the Pierces.

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