Grant Gustin Talks Black Lightning’s Return in The Flash: Armageddon

The upcoming eighth season of The Flash won’t bring back just Barry Allen, but plenty of more familiar faces from the Arrowverse. In addition to Brandon Routh’s Dr. Ray Palmer, fans will see Cress Williams’ Jefferson Pierce returning on-screen. Williams portrayed Black Lightning for the entire four-season run at The CW. The series wrapped up in May, but it seems that Freeland’s vigilante has a few more storylines to complete. The happiest about Williams’ return was his fellow actor Grant Gustin, who revealed that some of the scenes shot together took place in the Hall of Justice.

“My favorite thing, and not to discredit anything else, is I have a lot of really cool scenes, a lot of the meat of the beginning of Armageddon, with Cress as Jefferson from Black Lightning,” he said while talking with EW. “We had like, I think, three jam-packed days of work, but it was a lot that we got into those three days. It was all at the Hall of Justice set, which is a cool location on this airfield. It was a day shoot leading into two night shoots. It was just a cool filming experience, but also I think some of the best heavy scenes that I have in the first three, four episodes. So I’m looking forward to seeing how those turned out.

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The Hall of Justice made its appearance at the end of the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. After becoming officially instituted, the base of operations for the Crisis team was only mentioned from time to time. Gustin expressed his ambivalent feelings about it.

“It was cool. It was also bittersweet because as we were there we were like, “Man, we’re not here with everybody.” Supergirl is ending. It was sad almost because this was supposed where our squad hooked up, and we haven’t done that yet. I’m hoping we get to do that in some capacity, but it was cool just to be back with Cress. We have a lot of action take place on the set.”

The Flash season 8 premiere will air on The CW on November 16.

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