The Cast of Arrow Reacts To the Series’ Eighth and Final Season

After eight seasons, Arrow‘s run is coming to an end. Earlier today, The CW announced that Arrow season 8 will mark the final season of the Arrowverse’s flagship show. Stephen Amell confirmed that the show would only be back for an abbreviated run of ten episodes. He also shared his response to the news, including an emotional Facebook video. Now, the cast of Arrow is taking to social media to share their thoughts as well. First up are David Ramsey (John Diggle/Spartan) and Juliana Harkavy (Dinah Drake/Black Canary).

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Additionally, Colton Hayes (Roy Harper/Red Arrow) and Rick Gonzalez (Rene Ramirez/Wild Dog) offered their thoughts as well.

At press time, the rest of the Arrow cast have yet to react to the news via social media. However, they are likely to respond soon.

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