Arrow Episode 7.15 Promo: Training Day

After Oliver Queen unmasked as the Green Arrow, Star City hasn’t been very friendly towards vigilantes. But in Arrow season 7, Oliver and his team found a loophole. Dinah/Black Canary deputized the team as members of the SCPD. Now, in the promo for Arrow episode 7.15, it’s time for the team to get their police training. Unfortunately, their brand of justice doesn’t mesh well with traditional police procedures.

Last night’s Arrow also introduced Dante, the season’s new main villain. The fallout from his initial appearance has yet to be felt, but someone close to Oliver appears to have ties to Dante. It’s also no coincidence that Diaz was targeted for assassination and seemingly burned to death within his own prison cell. Dante’s reach extends into ARGUS and beyond, and his ultimate agenda is only beginning to unfold.

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Here’s the official description from The CW: “Team Arrow attempts to work with the Star City Police Department, but much to Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) frustration, things don’t go as planned. Meanwhile, Dinah (Juliana Harkavy) gets some life-changing news. Ruba Nadda directed the episode written by Emilio Ortega Aldrich & Rebecca Rosenberg.”

Arrow episode 7.15 “Training Day” will air on Monday, March 11, on The CW. What do you think about the new promo? Let us know in the comment section below!