Arrow Season 7 Episode 14 Recap

It feels like it’s been more than a month since the last episode of Arrow, even though it’s been closer to three weeks than four. In the previous episode, Oliver’s Slabside buddy, Stanley, was revealed to be the Star City Slayer. Stanley slit Dinah’s throat, although the team was able to save her life. Shortly thereafter, Stanley confronted Oliver, Felicity, and William in their home. While the Queens escaped unharmed, William reiterated his desire to live with his grandparents.

In the future, William and his team confronted Blackstar, who revealed that she is Mia Smoak, the daughter of Oliver and Felicity. Arrow season 7 episode 14 advanced William and Mia’s relationship, while also revisiting Oliver’s estranged sister, Emiko Queen.

Brothers and Sisters

Oliver tried to ingratiate himself with Emiko by lending the Star City PD resources to her investigation. However, she quickly grew frustrated with her brother when he took over her case and tried to sideline her. Additionally, Oliver was upset that William was ignoring all of his calls. Eventually, Oliver came to realize that he was pushing Emiko away by forcing her to do things his way. Oliver apologized to Emiko, and she seemed to accept it.


Ricardo Diaz and the Suicide Squad-lite were given a mission to meet with Virgil, a known associate of Dante. However, Virgil instantly knew that the meeting was a setup and threw himself out a window. Diggle and Lyla finally decided to come clean with Oliver and Felicity about their deal with Diaz. Oliver understood immediately, but Felicity instantly made plans to kill Diaz. She contacted Laurel for help, but the former Black Siren talked her down. Laruel even correctly guessed that Felicity was pregnant.

With Oliver and Felicity’s aid, Diggle and Lyla set another trap for Dante. Diaz betrayed the team by warning Dante. Surprisingly, Dante turned out to be more than a match for Oliver. Dante held his own in a fight and easily got away, while Felicity confronted Diaz at gun point. After some deliberations, she decided not to kill him and allowed Diggle to recapture him. In the aftermath, Diggle offered to take the fall for the operation’s failure in order to save Lyla’s career.

Cube Within a Cube

In the future, William commiserated with Mia in an attempt to get her on his side. Mia was angry with her friend, Connor Hawke; because he admitted that his father, John Diggle, told him to watch over her without revealing who he was. Privately, William and Mia both complained about Oliver and Felicity as parents. She also explained why she believes Felicity is still alive. Felicity has faked her death before, according to Mia. She also impressed William by solving a Rubik’s Cube with a cube within a cube within a cube. That unlocked a secret chamber within the cube, which held the next message from Felicity.

“He Trusts Me Now”

After Emiko made her peace with Oliver, Dante visited her lair for an update. Emiko said that Oliver trusts her now. Dante replied that it’s time for Emiko to come home. Shortly thereafter, Diaz was the victim of an assassination attempt. Someone doused Diaz in gasoline and set him on fire. “The Dragon” may not be walking away from this blaze, and it was clearly the work of Dante.

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