Black Lightning season 2 episode 13 recap

Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 13 Recap

The inner workings of Freeland’s underbelly refused to slow down as Khalil’s body was committed to the earth. The service, and Jennifer’s promise of vengeance, remained fresh on the mind as Black Lightning and the entire Pierce family became embroiled in meta-related operations both international and domestic. Threats from Markovia have the ASA concerned enough to move the pod children. But once again, Tobias flew under the radar as the true threat. Especially now that he has new toys and someone on the inside. The Pierces’ individual issues converged, setting the stage for a battle that Freeland’s streets might not be able to contain.

Sisters In Search

Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 13 Recap

Anissa remains concerned about Grace’s sudden disappearance. She returns to her apartment, finding a family photo and unidentified pill. She utilizes Gambi’s lab to run a facial identification search on the photo and enlists Gambi to analyze the pill. The results of both stun Anissa. Grace’s real name is Shay Li Wilde, a foster child and former human trafficking victim. And the pill is a mega dose of a drug used to treat schizophrenia. The news doesn’t deter Anissa from finding her. She has her own secrets after all.

Jennifer is on the hunt for someone as well, although her motivation is rooted in hate rather than love. The walking nuclear bomb puts her power to use at Club 100, searching for anyone that can lead her to Tobias. Her pursuit proves too hasty when she walks into an ambush. She holds her own before overloading herself and passing out while torturing Khalil’s replacement. Anissa saves her before the gang member can retaliate, and brings her sister back to Gambi’s. She finds herself with Perenna soon after waking up. Jennifer’s counselor issues her a dour warning: learn to control the rage inside or you could literally explode.

Unlikely Alliances

Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 13 Recap

Tobias’ impatience regarding his newly acquired pods is rectified when Helga provides him with the tools needed to rouse and control one of the four frozen metas. He chooses to wake up Marcus, a man who can control and produce vibrations. Marcus attacks Cutter immediately, stopping one of her knives in the air and turning it on her before Tobias forces him to stop. Cutter and Tobias celebrate by rekindling a dormant attraction before the briefcase alerts them to the ASA’s plan to move the pod kids. This prompts Tobias to offer Marcus the chance to work with him as a partner instead of a puppet, convincing him with a briefcase of cash.

At Garfield, a surprise visit from Napier puts Jefferson in good spirits. A video of Lowry’s actions during Jennifer’s sit-in went viral, putting pressure on the school board to reinstate Jefferson as Garfield’s principal. Jefferson’s excitement turns to frustration as Lowry prods him one last time before the board meeting. Lowry doesn’t believe that Jefferson offers Garfield’s students consistency, but Jefferson doesn’t believe that Lowry actually cares about understanding and developing a marginalized student population. Lowry’s words spark a flood of the myriad conflicts present in Jefferson’s double life, causing him to support Lowry in the board meeting. Napier is upset, but Jefferson has far too much on his plate to be able to provide Garfield with the leadership it deserves. A voicemail from Lynn soon confirms that fact. The ASA facility is under attack.

Inventory Relocation

Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 13 Recap

Helga traps Lynn in the ASA’s warehouse as she administers an experimental cure to a Green Light Child named Wendi. Marcus and Cutter shoot their way through the facility, linking up with Helga before laying their eyes on the pod kids. Marcus recognizes Helga as the leader of the original Freeland experiments, but he is stopped from attacking her. Wendi helps Lynn escape as Black Lightning and Thunder arrive. They’re all safe, but the pod kids are missing. Gambi identifies Marcus and warns Jefferson of the four metas that, unknown to them, are under Tobias’ control. The Pierces, believing the Markovians are responsible for the attack, show concern about Marcus and his team.

The pods are now in the care of Helga and Tobias as they prepare to wake them up and sell them to the highest bidder. Unfortunately, Todd won’t share in the bounty as he becomes Cutter’s latest victim.

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