The Umbrella Academy

Weekend Watch: Analyzing The Umbrella Academy’s Ending

(Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers for The Umbrella Academy throughout. You have been forewarned!)

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In this week’s edition of Weekend Watch, we’re taking a deep dive into the ending of The Umbrella Academy, all while trying to make sense of where the show could go in the second season. But first, we’re concluding what we started last week with a quintet of videos explaining The Umbrella Academy members, followed by a fun video that tries to rank the powers and abilities of the characters.

We’ll follow this with a trio of videos that explore the ending of the show, along with where season two might take viewers. Finally, we close things out with a video that asks a question no one really knows the answer to – what exactly happened to Ben? So without further delay, let’s jump right into Weekend Watch!

The Umbrella Academy Members Explained

****NUMBER FIVE*****

Up first, we have a series of videos from Key Issues that break down backstories for each of the characters in the comic and how they correlate to the show. Although we already covered Vanya and Ben’s backstories last time, we’re completing the rest of the series explaining the powers and abilities of numbers one through five. Even if you’ve watched the series – which you should have if you’re reading this – these videos still offer plenty of details on the divergences from the source material.

The Umbrella Academy Cast: Powers And Abilities Ranked

Next, we have a quick video from IGN where various cast members try to rank make sense of which character is the most powerful. Although Vanya is a clear frontrunner for the title, Adian Gallagher makes a strong case for number five. It’s interesting to note how each of the actors view the power level of their characters, especially when you consider that Vanya could easily be the most powerful.

The Umbrella Academy Explained & Season 2 Theories

This nice video from TV Guide tries to make sense of the ending of The Umbrella Academy by asking: WTF just happened? Aside from covering the basic synopsis of the series, this also ask the important question of how the Academy’s conundrum at the end of season one could actually be fixed. We also get some snippets from the cast on the motivations throughout the season, along with breaking down some of the differences between the comics and the show. Naturally, we also get their theories on where season two could go.

The Umbrella Academy Ending Explained

Next, we have another ending explained video from Think Story that delves into the finale of The Umbrella Academy. Although there’s some recurring information here, this video does a good job of pointing out some of the smaller details that could easily be missed. From the mysterious past of Reginald Hargreeves, to the deeper reasoning behind Vanya’s eventual transformation, or the smaller details in the show, this video does an excellent job filling in the gaps that could be missed.

The Umbrella Academy Season 2: What To Expect

This video from NerdWire breaks down what to expect from a potential second season by trying to predict which avenue each of the various sub-plots of the show might end up taking. The Umbrella Academy is an unusual adaptation in the sense that it often takes major deviations from the source material – which is why the direction of season two is so unpredictable. Regardless of this, the video dissects the difference between the comic and series, along with what season two might use for inspiration. The newfound connection between Klaus and Ben is also discussed, so naturally there are predictions in that regard.

Umbrella Academy: What Happened to Ben?

Speaking of Ben, this great video from IGN gives a great deal of insight into what exactly happened to Ben Hargreeves, a.k.a The Horror. Both the series itself and the comic on which it’s based are pretty ambiguous about what actually happened to Ben, but we know that he was killed in the line of duty and that someone from the academy is to blame. Perhaps all of the members had a hand in some way or another. Regardless, the video does an excellent job of gathering all of the hints in the show and the comic that might shed some light on what actually happened to Ben. It’s interesting to note that Ben’s ghost never appeared in the comic, meaning that the show is probably our best bet to gain insight on Ben’s fate – at least for now.

What are your thoughts on the ending of The Umbrella Academy? What direction do you think season two of the show will go? Make sure to let us know in the comment section below!