Kevin Smith Wants Lea Thompson For Howard the Duck

For decades, almost everyone involved with Howard the Duck’s big screen debut have essentially pretended that it never happened. But Kevin Smith is hoping the film’s star, Lea Thompson, might consider starring opposite Howard one more time. In a recent Instagram post, Smith announced that he asked Thompson to lend her voice to the upcoming Howard the Duck animated series he is developing for Hulu. You can check out his post below.

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Last week @hulu announced a deal to carry four new @marvel animated shows: #Modok, #HitMonkey, #TigraAndDazzler and #HowardTheDuck! This is fantastic news to me as a fan, but as a professional, it’s quacking me up because THEY HIRED ME TO WRITE IT! Mercifully, they hired the great #DaveWillis to write it too, so we might have a successful show! Dave and I are going Full-Gerber on Howard: Beverly, Bong and the entire cast of characters that made this fowl legend fly! I saw tests for Hit Monkey and M.O.D.O.K. already and holy duck, are they astounding! Like, legit next level shit! So Dave and I have our work cut out for us. But since Dave’s the cartoon genius behind #meatwad and the #aquateenhungerforce, Howard is in some fine feathered fingers! Thank you to #jephloeb and the #marveltelevision folks who egged me on, #hulu for the home, and #stevegerber and #valmayerik for not only an amazing character, but also the eventual job for me your work provided! I can’t spoil where we’re going, but I can tell you this: I already asked movie-Howard heroine @lea_thompson to lend us her vocal Quack Fu in a to-be-revealed-later role! And she did NOT say no! The duck versions of @jayandsilentbob come courtesy of @jeremysimser! #KevinSmith #davewillis #howardtheduckmovie #marvel

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Thompson starred in the original film as Beverly Switzler, Howard’s love interest and the lead singer of a band called Cherry Bomb. In a 2016 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Thompson admitted that it was “painful” to endure Howard’s critical backlash. The film’s abysmal performance also forced her to accept a role in 1987’s Some Kind of Wonderful, which she initially turned down.

Despite her experience, Thompson allowed Chip Zdarsky and Joe Quinones to include her in their 2016 Howard the Duck comic. In that series, an amnesiac Thompson enlisted Howard to help her track her whereabouts in 1986, the year the film was released. Last fall, Thompson also revealed that she pitched an idea for a reboot to Marvel Studios, which they apparently “loved.”

It’s not clear who Smith wants Thompson to play on the upcoming Hulu series or if she’ll even say yes. However, it’s not likely that she’ll be reprising the role of Beverly.

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