Kevin Smith and Dave Willis Talk Howard the Duck Animated Series

Not a lot of people expected Howard the Duck to make his return to the big or small screen after his infamous 1986 feature film made him something of a laughingstock among audiences. Despite this, the character has always maintained a cult following. And James Gunn’s decision to have him cameo in both Guardians of the Galaxy films certainly helped to renew fan interest. Now, Howard is getting his own animated series courtesy of Kevin Smith and Aqua Teen Hunger Force co-creator Dave Willis. While speaking with, Smith and Willis teased their plans for the upcoming Hulu cartoon.

Obviously, Smith has dabbled in the realm of comic book writing in addition to his filmmaking work. He had memorable runs on Daredevil and Green Arrow and is currently writing a Hit-Girl miniseries for Image. But more importantly, Smith is a master of parody with an unabashedly perverse sense of humor. And that’s why few are better suited to the task of adapting Howard the Duck than Silent Bob himself.

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“The times we’re living in deserve an orator who can identify all the quacks in the system – a straight-shooter who won’t leave us holding the bill,” said Smith. “Thanks to Marvel & Hulu, I get to do fowl things to one of my all-time favorite comic book characters in animation! Let’s be honest: I’m not talented enough to handle any of the Avengers but Howard is definitely in my wheelhouse! However, the real brains of our operation is a legit cartoon genius: the great Meatwad himself, Aqua Teen Hunger Force’s Dave Willis! So prepare to get Ducked hard!”

Meanwhile, Willis acknowledged that the stakes are relatively high for delivering a series that lives up to fan expectations. “I’m looking forward to working with Kevin on bringing Howard to the flat screen,” he said. “And I know if I screw this up, I’ll never be able to show my face at Comic-Con ever again. Nerds will hunt me the rest of my days.”

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