Supergirl season 4 episode 10 recap

Supergirl Season 4 Episode 10 Recap

The heroes of the Arrowverse, including Supergirl, got a much deserved winter break following the events of Elseworlds. A hero’s work is never done, however, and vacations always carry expiration dates. Kara Danvers’ midseason return dropped Supergirl smack in the middle of the anti-alien conflict yet again. Kara doesn’t have government support following her exit from the DEO. That didn’t stop her from continuing to hero to the best of ability. It did place her squarely in the sights of DEO head Col. Haley, who remained hellbent on uncovering Supergirl’s secret identity by any means necessary.

Shimmers & Sparkles

Supergirl Season 4 Episode 10 Recap

Kara is drawn away from her spin class with Lena when an unknown alien attacks a team of Coast Guard agents on a ship. The beasts are barely visible to her, appearing as a shimmer, before they escape with the body of a soldier named McCallister. She keeps a bomb from destroying the crime scene before the DEO arrives. Supergirl leaves after a biting exchange with Haley, reiterating that she won’t stop being a hero despite leaving the government.

Kara informs Alex that no record of the ship exists and begins looking for answers in J’onn’s old DEO files. The disappearance of the only survivor from the ship heightens Alex’s concern. Kara discovers a secret project charged with weaponizing children of an alien race called the Morae, and turning them into as assassins. McCallister is connected to the project, as well as General Tan and Haley. Kara tells her sister about her discovery and the trio tracks down Tan as he is making his escape. Tan tried to kill the Morae, per President Baker’s orders to eliminate alien operators. But Tan failed, and now the Morae are seeking revenge. They quickly get it by killing Tan despite J’onn’s best efforts. Alex stuns one of the Morae, but it chooses to kill itself rather than return to Haley.

Elsewhere, Brainy meets with Nia in an attempt to convince her to use her powers to fight alongside Supergirl. Nia, believing the meeting to be a date, is taken aback, but takes Brainy’s binder of costume and code name ideas. She peruses it briefly before tossing it aside, not ready to face such a weight.

A New Crusade

Supergirl Season 4 Episode 10 Recap

The post-Supergirl era of the DEO ushers in Haley’s plan to discover Supergirl’s secret identity. She believes such information would allow her to control one of Earth’s strongest heroes. The news shakes Alex, who warns every DEO agent that knows said information about the coming interrogation. All pledge their silence to Alex. She tells Kara of Haley’s plan and warns her to steer clear of any DEO operation.

James and Lena begin making up as well. James realizes Lena’s motives for helping clear his name with the DA after his experience with the Children of Liberty. They both apologize before Lena reveals her experimentation with her super serum over a romantic dinner. Surprisingly, James gives her his support to continue the research.

Morae v. Maker

Supergirl Season 4 Episode 10 Recap

Alex confronts Haley about her involvement with the Morae project. She shows a severe lack of remorse for her actions, admitting to using trauma as a training tool. Haley views the Morae as below humanity. Her views horrify Alex and drive her to contemplate resigning from the DEO. Kara talks her down, but there are more prescient matters. The Morae have only one target remaining and they mean to take on the entire DEO to get to her. Brainy’s plan to make the invisible visible falters as the Morae attack. Haley’s authorization of lethal force, against DEO regulations, results in one Morae being killed. The other lures Haley away to a corridor and attacks. Supergirl arrives, capturing the Morae in a DEO cell and saving Haley’s life.

Supergirl’s act doesn’t sway Haley, who reveals to her that she knows her secret identity. She threatens Kara with exposing her identity to the world unless she does exactly as  she is told, becoming a tool of the U.S. government. Alex decks her boss in a fit of protective rage. They ask J’onn to wipe Haley’s mind of Kara’s identity. He obliges and all is as it was.

The Only Way

Supergirl Season 4 Episode 10 Recap

J’onn wasn’t able to wipe Haley’s desire to learn Supergirl’s identity though. She ups her efforts, bringing in an alien known as a Truth Seeker to aid in her interrogations. The only way to keep Kara’s secret from the alien is to wipe the mind of every DEO agent that knows about Kara’s double life. This includes Alex. Kara is reduced to tears at the thought of it, but Alex and J’onn stress that it is the only way to protect Kara from Haley. The sisters embrace one more time before Alex’s memories of Supergirl’s identity are removed.

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