Supergirl Elseworlds part 3

Supergirl Season 4 Episode 9: “Elseworlds – Part 3” Recap

Supergirl Season 4 Episode 9: “Elseworlds –  Part 3” Recap

All good things must come to an end and The CW’s Elseworlds event was no exception. Supergirl got to be the show closer this time around as the multi-dimensional coalition of heroes regrouped for one final battle with the good doctor Deegan. Earth-1 appears to have the best shot at surviving the Monitor’s test, but victory is never guaranteed. Especially in the face of a being with the power of a god. National City’s cultural crisis will have to wait.

The Boss

Supergirl Season 4 Episode 9: “Elseworlds – Part 3” Recap

Oliver and Barry remain on the run as Deegan’s reshaped reality casts them as bank robbers, the Trigger Twins. Deegan, reskinned as a black-suited Superman, corners the two on a rooftop. Oliver forces Deegan to put his money where his mouth is by making Deegan catch a falling crane. The distraction gives the duo enough time to escape. Knowing they’re no match for Deegan in the current reality, the two decide to bring Earth-38’s Superman into the fight. The problem with their plan is that Cisco is needed to traverse the dimensional plane.

Their search for Cisco grants them an audience with the Monitor. He chastises Oliver for letting his anger masquerade as strength before the two stress their ability to save their Earth. The Monitor is unfazed, returning them to the planet to continue the search for Cisco. Turns out Cisco is crime lord known simply as “the Boss,” with James as his muscle. The duo convince Cisco to hear them out, promising a way to defeat Superman. The trio travels to Earth-38 to inform Clark and Lois of Deegan’s latest Earth-1 rebranding.

Sisters Across Worlds

Supergirl Season 4 Episode 9: “Elseworlds – Part 3” Recap

Lost in the shuffle is Kara, mainly due to her being imprisoned at the now former STAR Labs. Deegan informs her that he placed her  in a power-dampening cell is because the Book of Destiny contained no knowledge of Superman or Supergirl. Deegan has Earth-1’s Alex guard her, threatening to kill Alex should Kara try to escape.

The forced alone time between the two would-be sisters gives Kara plenty of opportunities to convince Alex of her true nature. Her efforts fail initially, but she eventually breaks through to the alternate Alex by appealing to her strong will and a “pinky swear” rhyme from her past. The newly-turned Alex frees Kara from her cell only to be caught by Deegan. The crew from Earth-38 joins the party before Deegan can attack and everyone splits off into their own separate battles.

Acing It

Supergirl Season 4 Episode 9: “Elseworlds – Part 3” Recap

Kara, Barry and Alex retrieve the Book of Destiny as Superman and Deegan fight through the skies of Central City. Kara delivers the book to her cousin when she fails to understand how to use it. Superman begins restoring reality until Deegan takes Flash hostage, threatening to kill him. Oliver aims his bow at Deegan, but Barry talks him down, believing a violent outburst from Oliver would cause him to fail the Monitor’s test. The distraction allows Deegan to escape with the book.

On the ropes yet again, Barry decides that he and Supergirl should slow time to allow the others to get the book back. Superman warns that the act will kill the two, as revealed in the book. However, Barry and Kara decide to do it anyway. Oliver leaves Superman to retrieve the book as he has his own plan: confronting the Monitor. He is the first being on all of the dimensions to stand up to the Monitor, expressing doubt in the destiny revealed by the book. His promise to keep Kara and Barry from dying is met with a chilling retort from the Monitor: balance must be maintained.

Superman, now joined by Lois, Brainy and J’onn, battle Deegan and a resurrected Amazo as Barry and Kara circumnavigating the globe. Lois is tossed into the air as Oliver flanks Deegan. He takes aim and shoots the book with an arrow. The book falls to the ground, stripping Deegan of his power, restoring reality fully and saving Kara and Barry from their fate.

All Wrapped Up?

Supergirl Season 4 Episode 9: “Elseworlds – Part 3” Recap

Everything is restored to normal with all involved returning to their respective Earths. Clark reassures Kara despite her falling out with the DEO before revealing that Lois is pregnant and they both will be travelling to Argo for an extended period. Superman proposes to Lois and Earth-38 is well and good.

Back on Earth-1, Oliver and Barry reflect on recent events over beers. Barry determines Oliver to be a good man despite his rebukes. The two toast each other before Oliver receives a call from Batwoman. It seems Deegan has a friend within Arkham Asylum. A dangerous one. The fresh glimpse at Psycho-Pirate means the Crisis on Infinite Earths is imminent.

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