Young Justice: Outsiders episode 9 recap

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 9 Recap

Another Young Justice: Outsiders episode drop is in the books, and all that training Dick’s team went through finally paid off. They might be dealing with the persisting question of transparency, but Halo, Brion, and Forager were put to the test physically by the Main Man, Lobo. The Light has plans in place outside of just hiring hitmen. They stayed closed to the vest for the time being, but it’s only a matter of time before they’re revealed. Especially after learning more about their new opposition.

Meta Playdate

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 9 Recap

Lobo isn’t the only contract killer deployed by the Light. A shrouded figure is stationed across the street from Iris West-Allen’s home. He watches numerous superhero parents arrive for a large playdate with all of their children. The children laugh and carouse while being spied upon. When the final attendee arrives, the watcher reveals himself to be Orm, a.k.a. Ocean Master.

Aquaman’s vengeful half brother draws Neptune’s trident and prepares to attack, but Lady Shiva approaches him from the shadows of the room. She tries to convince Orm to wield his power in the name of the Light. But Orm is blinded by his need for retribution and declines the offer. Lady Shiva remarks that his decision was what the Light expected and kills him before he can attack the party across the street. She takes Orm’s body and equipment, leaving the house barren.

The Point Of Training

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 9 Recap

Jefferson brings Helga to meet with Dick’s team. She immediately apologizes to Halo and Brion for her actions in Markovia. Brion finally forgives Helga, realizing that she was also a victim of Bedlam. Brion might be maturing, but he remains antsy about the team’s lack of movement regarding finding Tara. Dick points out that they need a plan and Brion isn’t ready to face what they could run up against. Brion relents, understanding Dick’s reasoning.

Lobo crashes Dick’s team’s party, ironically just after Brion failed a surprise attack training exercise. He reveals that he was hired to kill Forager before launching his attack. The intergalactic hitman handily fends off the entire squad. Helga puts herself in harm’s way. but is protected by Halo until Lobo impales her, killing her once again. She resurrects quickly and is the only member of the team to wound Lobo by cutting off his finger with an aura blast. Lobo finally traps a rolled up Forager, crushing his shell in front of the team. His job done, Lobo retreats to the cosmos.

Luckily, Lobo only crushed Forager’s exoskeleton. Their bug buddy reveals his trickery, as well as he goopy body, after Lobo’s departure. The team is overjoyed at Forager’s survival and he truly recognizes them as his new family, his hive.

Our Own “Goode” Time

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 9 Recap

Kaldur announces the opening of a new Meta-Human Youth Center in New Mexico. Dr. Eduardo Dorado is named head of the center and Gretchen Goode, nicknamed Granny Goodness, is funding the center in cooperation with the Wayne Foundation. Markovia also makes the news as King Gregor rescinds the nation’s ban on Quraci refugees. The meta-human ban is still in place though, meaning Brion remains in exile.

Later, the Light recognizes Lady Shiva as their new enforcer. Despite Lobo’s failure to kill Forager, his mission still advanced the Light’s desires. They now know that Conner and Jefferson participated in the mission in Markovia and that Dick has a new team. Vandal Savage points to the damage these seven champions could do to their organization, but a familiar voice tells them not to fret. Gretchen and the Light will deal with Dick’s “naughty children” in their “own good time.”

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