Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 5 Recap

Young Justice: Outsiders latest installment took its first major trip off-world, reintroducing fans to the planet of New Genesis. While the ejected Markovians and Halo continued getting used to their new surroundings, Dick got back in touch with his leadership qualities. Just in time, too, as a new battle began brewing on New Genesis between the planet’s bug-like inhabitants and the New God, Orion. In Young Justice: Outsiders, M’gann and her team leaped into action across the cosmos before discovering an enemy that hit far too close to home.

Struggle On New Genesis

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 5 Recap

Orion descends to New Genesis for a scheduled exchange of goods with Mantis and Forager. The books offered to the bugs turn out to be holograms, which prompts an angry response. The bugs are soundly defeated by Orion’s creatures. The fight prompts Big Bear, of the Forever People, to seek out the heroes of Earth. While the heightening tensions between the bugs and the New Gods is bad enough, Bear reveals that Orion’s creatures have human DNA. M’gann assembles Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Blue Beetle, Static, and Thirteen for a mission to New Genesis.

The team look for clues upon arrival, coaxing some anger out of Wonder Girl at the mention of Tim Drake’s detective skills. Mantis quickly enters, spewing hostilities at Bear’s presence. Forager stops him, revealing that he contacted Bear for assistance. Bear believes that the Orion they’ve been dealing with is an impostor. Mantis doesn’t buy the theory, but allows M’gann to set up a telepathic link with the bugs during their next meeting with Orion. M’gann soon notices something peculiar about the fake Orion. He is telepathically heightening the bugs vitriol toward the New Gods. She soon recognizes the telepath and confronts him, before revealing her true Martian form. The fake Orion tells her he can’t talk here and leads her away.

Additional Training

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 5 Recap

Back on Earth, Brion continues to struggle with his banishment. Gregor tries to calm him and promises  that he wants to bring his brother back. But the Markovian parliament is making that especially difficult by pushing for bans on meta-humans and casting all Quraci refugees out of the nation. The news does little to curtail Brion’s growing rage, but Dick, Artemis, Jefferson, and Halo arrive in Happy Hollow to help Connor with the moody prince.

Brion’s anger isn’t the group’s only concern. Halo’s amnesia worries them as well, but they’re taking measures to awaken her memory. Dick is already running constant background checks on Halo. Despite Halo’s desire to heal Brion’s pain, Dick is hesitant to include either of them on his squad, because they don’t know if they want to be heroes. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t help them learn to control their powers. Brion’s attempts to hone his skills results in him burning off his clothes. Halo’s training results in a new, yellow aura emanating from her body. While her red aura produces a shield and her orange aura allows her to fly, this new one allows her to produce energy blasts. Brion decides to leave Happy Hollow following the training session, but Dick and Connor convince him to stay by promising to help him find his missing sister, Tara.

Family Feud

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 5 Recap

The fake Orion reveals himself to be M’gann’s younger brother, M’Comm M’orzz. His actions on New Genesis are part of a deal made to aid the white Martians in their war back on Mars. M’gann is disgusted with his use of psychic manipulation to fuel a bug revolt against the New Gods, but M’Comm believes the ends justify the means. The two siblings fight as her young teammates battle M’Comm’s meta creatures. Mantis rolls into the ruckus, fighting both sides before Forager stops him.

M’gann tries to talk M’Comm down by expressing that there are better ways to cause change than hatred. Her brother appears to relent but instead lures her into an attack that M’gann expected. M’Comm activates a self-destruct device, killing the his meta-human slaves, before escaping. Mantis’ anger at Forager boils over, causing him to banish Forager from the hive. A crushed Forager is taken in by M’gann, who promises that his absence from New Genesis is only temporary. A saddened Forager takes one final look at his home before boom tubing to Earth with the team.

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