Young Justice: Outsiders episode 4 recap

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 4 Recap

It’s a new day in Markovia after Baron Frederick DeLamb was exposed as a meta-human and arrested for crimes against the crown. Unfortunately, Prince Brion can’t be present to help right his homeland as Young Justice: Outsiders season 3 episode 4 continued the story. Brion’s forced conversion into a geology-altering meta earned him a banishment from his own brother, Gregor. He was able to expel Count Vertigo and Bedlam from the nation alongside Dick and crew. However, Brion, Halo, and Helga now have no place to call home. They were forced to flee Markovia, and now this trio of Outsiders have new roots to sow while coming to terms with themselves.

Make Yourself At Home

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 4 Recap

Brion, Halo, and Helga are each taken in by members of Dick’s team following the events in Markovia. Artemis allows Halo to crash on her couch, although she hovers over it when she sleeps, despite Will’s frustration at the situation. Brion ends up rooming with Connor and M’gann. But Brion does little more than stew over his brother’s coronation as king of Markovia. The arrangement isn’t all bad, however, as M’gann sees similarities between Brion and Connor. And Connor’s experience controling his anger could be a good influence on the displaced prince. Jefferson looks after Helga in Metropolis. The new caretakers have varying levels of contentment with their given situations, but they all have a common question: where is Dick?

Helga takes a moment to reflect on her actions in Markovia. She lives with regret over her cooperation with Bedlam and forcing Brion’s meta-gene activation. Jefferson reminds her that Bedlam coerced her into working for them, absolving her of blame. His words don’t easily erase her feelings. However, he reminds Helga that she has the chance for a new start. Placing her mistakes firmly in the past, Helga expresses concern for Brion and Halo due to their lack of knowledge of what they have become.

What Feels Right

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 4 Recap

Brion might be boiling over, but Halo seems to be in good hands with Artemis. She’s takes her new friend for a walk through the park. But Artemis still has to tell Halo not to fly unless its on purpose. Halo thanks Artemis for taking her in, but she still has no firm recollection of her past. Artemis asks Halo about her hijab, thinking it might spark a memory. It doesn’t, but Halo points out that wearing it feels right despite knowing why.

The walk through the park isn’t without purpose as Artemis brings Halo to meet with Dr. Fate. He scans Halo, sensing an old soul within Halo’s young body. That’s all the information the good doctor reveals before the true reason for his emergence enters: Zatanna. Per an agreement, Dr. Fate allows Zatanna one hour per year with Fate’s host body: her father, Zatara. The two reconnect while Artemis and Halo watch from a park bench. Halo has sparse recollections of being in a hospital, being chloroformed. and life in a warzone during the downtime. Halo doesn’t understand why she and Artemis are there until Zatanna is forced to part with her father. Artemis moves in to console her weeping friend as Halo realizes their role in the process.

Bowhunter Security

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 4 Recap

Dick’s whereabouts aren’t as mysterious as previously believed. He’s in Star City to ask Will for assistance in taking down a local meta-human trafficking operation. He even has Roy and Jim at his side. It’s a regular Harper family reunion. Will isn’t into the idea, but he agrees to help if they will join his private security firm, Bowhunter Security, at least for the day. Most of Will’s crew is out with food poisoning. Dick reluctantly agrees, and the four don their spiffy BS uniforms.

They soon find themselves on the most boring job of all: overseeing a warehouse full of Goode VR headsets. Their downtime also gives Will a chance to ridicule Dick for his lack of long-term plans regarding Halo. Will is sympathetic to her situation, but he wants to know what Dick’s next step is. H

Soon after, Brick and his goons steals multiple semi-trucks full of the Goode VR headsets under their noses. The quartet give chase, with Will griping to Dick about recruiting him and making constant references to Wally. Dick pushes Will’s remarks about building a new team aside as the group subdue the drivers and take down Brick. Stopping the robbery opens Dick’s eyes and he promises he will step up and do what’s right regarding Halo and the others. This satisfies Will, and holds up his end of the bargain by assisting the trio and easily taking down the Star City chapter of Bedlam.

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