Gotham Season 5 Episode 2 Recap

In last week’s episode of Gotham, we caught up with Gordon, Bruce, and the rest of our heroes as they dealt with the realities of living in the now isolated city. Struggling to get help form the outside world, Bruce decided to help by calling in a Wayne Enterprises supply drop. When the helicopter was shot down, Penguin and his gang, Barbara and Tabitha, and the GCPD all converged on the wreckage. After Penguin killed Tabitha, Barbara vowed her revenge against him. Meanwhile GCPD recovered the supplies.

In Gotham season 5, episode 2, our heroes went up against a new gang in town, while Bruce tracked down a lead to cure Selina’s paralysis.

Uneasy Alliances


Gordon and Bullock debate whether to go after the Soothsayers, a new gang in the city that is using child labor. Gordon once again communicates to the outside world, where he still struggles to get the US government to send supplies. Lucius, Gordon, and Bullock formulate a plan to save a group of children. Lucius will find a new home for the kids, while the two GCPD officers will and rescue them from the Soothsayers.

Meanwhile, Bruce searches for the Witch in an old, run down mansion. As he explores, Bruce discovers dead bodies wrapped up in vines. Bruce confirms that “the witch” is none other than Poison Ivy. Gordon visits Barbara and asks for her help in transporting the children. He remains coy about the details and Barbara eventually gives in, although she is still reeling over the loss of Tabitha. She also expresses anger about Gordon leaving the Penguin alive.

The Soothsayers


Using the transportation provided, Gordon and Bullock are ambushed in the badlands by a gang wearing war pant. Elsewhere, the Soothsayers are using the children to dig trade tunnels under the city. The leader of the gang is Sykes, a scarred, gas mask wearing thug who inhales a substance called “smoke”. When one of the children complains about the conditions, Sykes chastises the kid before being called outside by his men.

Gordon confronts Sykes, and the latter orders his men to kill Gordon for the bounty on his head. However, Bullock and the rest of the GCPD men flank the Soothsayers, and Gordon walks right in to free the children. Outside, a firefight erupts with Gordon, Bullock, and three of the children narrowly escaping through an alleyway.

“The Witch”


At the abandoned mansion with Bruce, Ivy wakes up and tries to convince him that she’s not responsible for the deaths of the men outside. Bruce asks for her help with their mutual friend, after learning that one of Ivy’s seeds would cure Selina. Ivy asks Bruce to help her defeat the men outside as payment. Meanwhile, Gordon, Bullock, and the remaining children take refuge in a seemingly abandoned house. When the two policemen explore it, Gordon finds a boy upstairs, while Bullock finds something more sinister is going on in the basement.

Bruce confronts the men outside, when Ivy slaughters all of them in one fell swoop. At first, she seems unwilling to help Selina, but Bruce gets finally gets Ivy to help under the condition that he leaver her alone afterward. Gordon learns from the child that “the ghost” is in the basement, and Bullock tries to warn them. “The ghost” — who looks like a version of Mother from Batman & Robin Eternal — ambushes the duo, only to retreat after loosing the upper hand.

Barbara Saves The Day


Ivy informs Bruce that although the seed will cure Selina, it will also alter her personality. Bruce doesn’t trust ivy, but sees the seed as a necessary evil. Bullock, Gordon and the children leave the house, where the Soothsayers and the war paint gang catch up with the group outside. Back at the infirmary, Alfred argues against using the seed on Selina. But she interjects and takes it. Selina suddenly remembers her time on the street with Ivy before going into shock.

While the two gangs argue over who gets Gordon, Barbara shows up at the last minute. She mows the gang members down, but leaves Sykes alive. Barbara wants Gordon to help her kill Penguin, but he is focused on getting the kids to safety first. Back in the green zone, Lucius has found a safe apartment complex for all of remaining citizens. Gordon and Barbara effectively create an uneasy alliance.



Back at his hideout, Nygma wakes up tied to a table. He did it intentionally to prevent his sleepwalking, but he soon discovers a hostage in his bathtub. Nygma discovers that he captured a member of the Street Demons gang. He then tortures the thug for information. Eventually, Nygma learns where the Street Demons’ base is located, but he takes his hostage with him. Nygma and the thug arrive at the hideout; only to learn that the gang leader he was looking for was already dead.

“Penguin was here” is written on the wall, but it’s clear that Nygma wrote that message to start a turf war. Sometime later, Bruce learns that Selina survived the initial shock of the seed, and she is mobile within hours. However, Selina says that she feels “different” and that she has never felt better. The final image shows a close-up on Selina’s face, and her eyes are now cat-like.

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