Runaways season 2 episode 12 recap

Runaways Season 2 Episode 12 Recap

For the first time, the Runaways faced a crisis from within. Chase’s exit left the group in a state of shock and disgust. Maybe his faith in his parents’ ability to change their ways isn’t misplaced, but PRIDE’s continued weapons development doesn’t bode well. Chase isn’t the only member that wanted to aid their parents. News of Leslie’s detainment by the Church made its way to Karolina, leading her to head a rescue effort that splits the team further. Both endeavors proved difficult, only making the coming clash with PRIDE more daunting. Sometimes it’s good to have a messiah on your side.

Cardboard Cutout

Runaways Season 2 Episode 12 Recap

Leslie remains imprisoned at the Gibborim indoctrination facility, which is called the Crater. She is hit with flashbacks to her childhood, reliving Susan’s ousting by her father. A meeting with Frank offers her respite, but quickly devolves into verbal sparring about the Church. Frank reiterates the Church’s growth under his leadership due to his prior celebrity status. Leslie scoffs at the notion, identifying him as a cardboard cutout of a husband and leader. She reveals her pregnancy to him and refuses to return to confinement. The demand is cast aside as Frank questions the paternity of Leslie’s child.

Rescue Road Trip

Runaways Season 2 Episode 12 Recap

Karolina reveals Leslie’s imprisonment to the rest of the team during a house meeting. She presses them to help her rescue Leslie while the others worry about what Chase’s defection means for the group. The kids are split, with Nico stating that either they all go or none go. Alex is out, effectively leaving Karolina on her own.

Her mission remains solo for only a short time as Nico, complete with the recovered Staff of One, and Molly join her. The trio employ church official, Vaughn, to aid their infiltration of the Crater. Disguised as a church devotee, Karolina goes in alone to confront Frank. She appeals to his vanity, promising to lead the Church by her father’s side. The appeal convinces Frank to let her see Leslie, but Frank pulls the double cross, locking Karolina in a shed. Karolina is unable to use her powers, leaving her to beg Frank for her freedom. He coldly walks away after blaming Karolina and Leslie for forcing his hand.

Karolina’s shed time is short-lived when Susan arrives to help. She confirms that she is Leslie’s mother and promises to help her expose Frank as a cancer within Gibborim.

The New Messiah

Runaways Season 2 Episode 12 Recap

Three generations are reunited when Susan brings Karolina to Leslie. Neither are on board with staying to help Susan right her religion. Regardless, Susan still agrees to help them escape and leads them out the front gate. Frank shows up, trapping them between the Crater and freedom with a dozen security guards. Nico and Molly rush the gate, but Karolina illuminates, rising into the sky. The congregation falls to their knees in awe of their new messiah, obeying her order to free them. Frank’s final attempt to stop them is met with resistance from the followers. The Church’s now former leader ends up in the same shed in which he imprisoned Karolina. Susan stays behind to purify the Church of Frank’s influence as the rest speed back to the mansion.

Karolina convinces the group to let Leslie stay with them, pointing out that she is now a runaway as well. This upsets Alex, but he relents after warning them all of what could happen. Nico and Karolina have a quiet moment of mutual reassurance afterward. Nico explains her fear of the Staff’s ability to bring out her darkness. However, Karolina believes Nico’s darkness, much like her own light, is her true power. The couple kiss before retreating to their rooms.

Gert walks unannounced into Karolina’s room, only this isn’t Gert. The figure reveals herself to be Xavin, having taken the form of Gert to make Karolina more comfortable. The shapeshifter reveals they have been watching and waiting for the right time to approach her. Xavin refers to Karolina as their betrothed, hinting at a shared destiny with one another.

PRIDE’s New Leaf

Runaways Season 2 Episode 12 Recap

Chase is having some issues readjusting to life with his parents. He deflects an attempt to learn the kids’ location by Janet before Victor pulls him aside. It seems that he is actually sick, exhibiting the same condition Jonah suffered during the decaying of his host body. Victor’s blackouts are also growing longer. Chase’s concern is cast aside when Victor asks him to intern at PRIDE. Chase agrees, though his presence at the office worries the other parents. Especially when he overhears an odd conversation between two employees that served as test dummies for Victor’s new weaponry.

Chase makes his own discovery as Alex acquires Darius’ gun from Tamar and Gert learns Old Lace is alive. He finds a used vial of the Yorkes’ mind wipe serum in PRIDE’s garbage. He begins to message Gert about the discovery, but decides against it as Victor arrives. He brings him into the conference room where the parents are gathered. They convince him to join PRIDE with the promise that the organization will be turned over to the teens once they return home. Chase, believing that PRIDE’s power could undo the evil committed by their parents, agrees to help them bring the rest of the team home unharmed.

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