Runaways season 2 episode 11 recap

Runaways Season 2 Episode 11 Recap

The season is heading into the home stretch, but the Runaways are only warming up in the conflict department. AWOL and crew were probably sent on a tour of the ethereal plane (or just plain killed) at the hands of Nico. Having their latest strong arm go down did little to curtail PRIDE’s efforts. Especially since multiple aliens thought dead after the destruction of Jonah’s ship have taken partial control of Victor and Tina. With so much building up, sometimes you just need a breather. A Sno-Ball topped, dance-filled glitter shower of a breather. Did somebody say quince?

New Truths

Runaways Season 2 Episode 11 Recap

Gert and Old Lace are recovering well, but the two remain somewhat captive at her parents’ home alongside Chase. The Yorkes butter them up with a hearty breakfast, hoping to convince them to stay. Chase gives them the benefit of the doubt, but passes out after taking a drink from the spread. Dale injects him with truth serum in an effort to get him to spill the others’ location, but only gets details about his and Gert’s bedroom escapades. Stacey’s questioning grows more forceful, but fails to deliver results.

Tina arrives at the Yorkes’ for the last round of interrogation. Chase passes out again, leading Tina to suggest they call the other members of PRIDE. However, hat doesn’t sit well with Stacey. She pulls a gun on Tina and forces her into the basement along with the kids. Imprisoned together, Tina pulls herself away from a plate of pancakes long enough to tell Gert and Chase about Victor’s new weaponry and PRIDE’s intention to take the kids back by force. Gert points out that Tina hasn’t asked about Nico when the other teens show up to bust them out. The group easily escape, but Dale tranquilizes Old Lace, forcing them to leave her behind.

Deep Cleanse

Runaways Season 2 Episode 11 Recap

Frank’s power play for control of the church lands Leslie in a indoctrination camp. That doesn’t mean that she won’t continue to resist. She refuses to abide by the facility’s rules and denounces the church as a fraud to her overseer before passing out.  The overseer tells Leslie the church cannot be destroyed before revealing her knowledge of Leslie’s pregnancy. The words stun Leslie as she hadn’t told anyone. This makes Leslie do some snooping, discovering that the woman is named Susan and cared for Leslie as a baby. There are some heavy maternal hints dropped, but Susan freaks when Leslie calls her by name. The word cause Susan to report Leslie, warning her that she shouldn’t fight reconditioning.

Leslie isn’t the only one pushing back against otherworldly forces. Nico, after sinking to her darkest point yet against AWOL, chooses to sit out the rescue mission. She instead performs a cleansing ritual in the attic of the mansion, absolving the emotional pain of her past relationships. She also severs ties with the Staff of One during the ceremony. She hides the Staff in the wall afterward, walking away from its corrupting forces.


Runaways Season 2 Episode 11 Recap

Somebody did say quince. Specifically Molly, who points out that she missed celebrating her birthday in the midst of the team’s battles. Alex wants to help her celebrate, but Molly doesn’t seem to keen on the idea. A quinceañera is about family, which she doesn’t have anymore. The issue goes dormant during the rescue mission, but Alex brings it back afterward. Nico seconds the idea and the crew go about throwing Molly the quinceañera of her dreams.

Karolina is approached by a woman while the group gathers supplies at a street market. The woman, who previously displayed an ability to shapeshift and unnerved some church officials, identifies herself as Xavin. She touches Karolina’s arm before disappearing but continues speaking to her telepathically. Xavin was the voice Karolina had been hearing all this time.

The party begins later that night, but not before Chase answers a mysterious phone call at the mansion. He discovers his father, Victor, is the caller. Victor tells him that he is sick, though he had skipped a doctor’s appointment earlier that day, and that he wants Chase to come home. Unknown to Chase, the phone call was actually part of a robo-call scheme meant to find him specifically. Chase joins the party, joining Molly for her first dance, and blows off some steam with his friends before sneaking away from the festivities.

Last Dance

Runaways Season 2 Episode 11 Recap

The Yorkes remain incensed after their daughter’s escape. Dale still can’t forgive Stacey for harming Gert, but believes that they should put down Old Lace. Stacey disagrees. Not due to any fear of potential harm to Gert, but rather because Old Lace could lead them to the entire group. Dale agrees with the idea and the two decide to kill the dinosaur afterward.

Gert discovers Chase in his street clothes during the party. He picks up a duffel bag and tells her that he is leaving the group. Gert is understandably hurt, calling him a coward. She knocks away his points about his father or what Tina told them, reminding him of their parents’ nature. She releases her words are wasted on him, but won’t let him leave without forcing him to tell the others. Everyone is angry at the news, especially Molly, but Chase doesn’t feel right being there anymore. Believing he has grown up through the course of their struggles, Chase leaves and rejoins his parents.

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