Young Justice season 3 episode 1 recap

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 1 Recap

DC fans, rejoice. Young Justice is back! After bouncing between cancellation and development hell, the long awaited revival of the celebrated series launched on DC Universe. The landscape has changed a lot in that time, but those shifts in content delivery factored heavily into the show’s return. That and a forever clamoring fanbase. Regardless, one of the more nuanced and well-weaved stories in recent DC history is ready for another run. In Young Justice: Outsiders episode 1, political and ideological clashes are afoot.

Altered Ranks

Young Justice Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

A teenage girl is abducted from a Malkovian hospital and subjected to experiments to activate her meta-gene. Drowned in tar, the girl transforms into a large lava creature. She is quickly deployed as a weapon against the Justice League on Rann. The creature falls dead after a short battle with Ice and Black Lightning, which allows the team to discover that she was a human child. Jefferson blames himself for her death.

The new Aquaman, Kaldor, calls an emergency meeting of the Justice League. Wonder Woman informs the group that meta-human trafficking is beginning to spread beyond Earth. Outside of the obvious physical threat they pose, weaponized metas are also hindering the League’s efforts to restore diplomatic relations and galactic confidence in the team. The growing inability to do their job forces Batman to speak up. He says that the League has outlived its usefulness on Earth. Kaldor and others disagree, but Batman, Green Arrow, and others officially resign from the League.

Black Lightning also resigns because Jefferson feels he can’t do the job anymore. Batman asks him to join his efforts, but Jefferson shuts him down. Robin (Tim Drake), Arrowette, and Spoiler leave with Batman and Green Arrow, shocking the others. Black Lightning apologizes to Static before making his own exit from the Watchtower.

Crisis In Markovia

Young Justice Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

Markovia is facing its own struggles. The two year anniversary of Princess Tara’s abduction is upon the kingdom as her brother, Prince Byron Markov, returns to his homeland. The King calls for the welcoming of Quraci refugees into their country and condemns meta-human trafficking during a press conference.That condemnation proves more relevant when Brion learns that he tested positive for the meta-gene, which means Tara likely has it as well. Believing that to play a factor in her kidnapping, Brion grows curious about whether Markovia houses anyone that can create metas.

The Markovian royals soon suffer another tragedy. A meta-human breaks into the palace and assassinates the King and Queen in their bed, before taking a bullet from head of security, Baron Frederick DeLamb. The murders send Markovia into chaos as Baron identifies the assassin as a Quraci meta-human and calls for martial law to better vet Quracis seeking asylum. Gregor is set to take the throne, with Baron as his regent. However, Brion has other plans. Markovia needs a king, but it also needs a hero.

Special Op

Young Justice Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

Two years after his own resignation from the team, Dick Grayson is still stirring things up as Nightwing. He breaks up a meta trafficking ring in Moscow, while snagging a sample of the transformative tar. An analysis from Oracle points Dick in the direction of Markovia and Dr. Simon Ecks. With his next stop solidified, Dick’s next move is to assemble a very familiar strike team.

Dick recruits Tigress, who is now shacking up with Roy Harper’s clone, Will. He also pulls Connor Kent into the mission despite M’gann’s worry. Before leaving, Conner takes the opportunity to propose to M’gann. Last on Dick’s list is Jefferson Pierce. Jefferson refuses to join, and he out that his powers aren’t working. That doesn’t matter to Dick. He wants the man behind Black Lightning on his side. Jefferson walks away, but ultimately joins the others, setting them on a course for Markovia.

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