Runaways season 2 episode 8 recap

Runaways Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

Jonah is dead. All of the battles between PRIDE and the Runaways finally culminated in the demise of Karolina’s father by Nico’s hands. His departure closed a chapter in the ongoing saga, but, like all tales, there another one right around the corner. Relationships continued to splinter in the wake of Jonah’s demise, Runaways season 2 episode 8 proved that the team’s troubles are far from over.

Toasting The End

Runaways Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

The parents crack a bottle of bubbly, toasting Jonah’s death and the end of PRIDE. The celebration turns slightly bittersweet as the group retrace the knowledge and progress resulting from their association with Jonah. However, they all agree that his death was necessary. Robert expresses guilt that Nico must carry the weight of her act, but Tina reassures him that their daughter understood the ramifications. With PRIDE now in their rear view, the parents pledge to bring their kids home.

The kids aren’t as gung ho about things as their parents. Nico continues to struggle with her decision to kill Jonah. Gert offers her support, validating Nico’s feelings of doubt and sadness. Nico pushes back slightly, taking ownership of her actions and wanting to move forward. Chase wonders if their temporary alliance with PRIDE is now the norm. Alex quickly refutes the claim, pointing out that their parents are still murderers regardless of the good they did.

Elsewhere, Livvie brings new evidence to the DA’s office in an effort to exonerate Darius of Destiny Gonzalez’s murder. The proof quickly lands in Catherine’s hands thanks to Det. Flores. The two decide to dispatch Flores’s partner, AWOL, to handle the situation.

A Day Off

Runaways Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

Karolina comes out of her solitude long enough to let the others know that she won’t be participating in any missions today. She needs a day off to process. Alex latches onto the idea, suggesting that all of them take a day for themselves. He spends his visiting Livvie and Tamar as they leave the hospital with Tamar’s newborn child. The women’s collective anger at his presence is swept away when he reveals Geoffrey’s role in setting up and killing Darius. Questions have to wait though as AWOL opens fire from a moving vehicle, taking aim at the group.

All parties escape uninjured, but the police aren’t pursuing the shooter as he is one of their own. Livvie seeks help from Alex and the crew, sans Karolina, in order to expose Geoffrey’s actions. They decide to infiltrate the hotel where Darius was killed to acquire security footage proving Geoffrey was at the hotel when the crime occurred. The group make it to the honeymoon suite with ease, allowing Alex and Livvie a chance to reconnect while Alex hacks into the system. Alex learns the truth when he gains access to the footage: Geoffrey wasn’t at the hotel that day. His mother, Catherine, was, along with Flores and AWOL.

A Father’s Past, A Daughter’s Future

Runaways Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

Karolina spends the day searching Jonah’s office for information about their nature and past. The search grows frustrating until she finds a voice recording Jonah made specifically for Karolina. She brings the device back to the mansion and listens to it.

The message chronicles Jonah’s past lives during his time on Earth, watching religions and empires rise and fall. These lives are shown via flashback, beginning with a revival in 1932. Jonah, in a different human form, heals a sick child in front of a raucous crowd. Time jumps to 1957, where Jonah’s previous form is deteriorating. A specialist from Australia named Jonah arrives to analyze the case, but the alien transfers into his body. The Jonah we all know is born. Fast forward to 1979 where Jonah approaches Leslie’s father, David, revealing himself to be his religion’s messiah. It is here where Jonah first meets Leslie as a young child.

Jonah stresses that the human sacrifices made to maintain his form were done so that he could remain the man his daughter would recognize and love. He ends by telling Karolina that he loved her more than anyone else. 

Nothing Ever Really Dies

Runaways Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

Geoffrey confronts Catherine after the shooting, because he’s upset that Alex and Tamar’s child were caught in the crossfire. He attempts to make amends with Tamar by giving her money and apologizing, but Tamar stands strong. She promises to build the kingdom Darius once promised her and warns Geoffrey to watch his back.

Frank begins freaking out after killing Destiny Gonzalez’s brother. He seeks help from Leslie, but that only threatens his status quo. Leslie tells him about Jonah’s demise and her desire to shut down the church for good. Leslie calls in Flores one last time to get rid of the body, but Frank secretly photographs the meeting. He later frames Leslie for the murder, showing the photos to the church elders.

Gert and Chase fight in the hotel over her desire to go to college. Chase ultimately throws the application into a chocolate fountain, but the team has bigger worries ahead. Molly and Nico tip them off that the hotel staff is onto them, causing them to flee. They run headlong into a group of security guards, but escape through the stairwell. Molly decides to stay behind, allowing herself to be captured and imprisoned in the basement as a distraction. She easily breaks her restraints, but Flores and AWOL arrive and keep her from escaping.

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