Runaways season 2 episode 7 recap

Runaways Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

The moment of truth arrived this week for both PRIDE and the Runaways. After all of the preparation and manipulation, the Compton dig site served as the setting for the inevitable clash with Jonah. He’s a charismatic killer, hell bent on retrieving his ship, but Jonah promised the event wouldn’t cause the long-believed doomsday earthquake. Too bad Jonah can’t be trusted, especially after the revelation that he killed Nico’s sister, Amy. With new targets painted on Jonah’s back, a three-way showdown has arrived in Runaways season 2 episode 7, with the fate of millions on the line.  

Final Preparations

Runaways Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

The Runaways prepare for an attack on the dig site, but Alex takes some time to confront Geoffrey about Darius’ murder. Geoffrey stresses that wasn’t the plan and warns Alex against taking on Jonah without knowing everything about the situation. He tells Alex about the ship at the dig site, which Alex relays to the rest of the team. Karolina confirms this fact while also divulging her meetings with Jonah to everyone. The group questions her allegiance, believing Jonah intends to leave Earth with her. Karolina pushes back against the assertion, but Nico says she betrayed the group and should stay behind.

Elsewhere, Jonah crashes a PRIDE meeting in an attempt to convince them to not intervene. He informs Catherine that he did try to kill Geoffrey, but her missing husband is with their kids after being rescued.Jonah also tells them that his ship’s escape won’t cause an earthquake due to its organic composition and ability to shapeshift. Leslie questions if he will be leaving alone, but Jonah departs without answering the question. The lack of information leads the group to form several backup plans. The Yorkes prepare a lethal serum while Janet and Victor pack their shutdown device

Karolina asks Alex to alter the group’s plan, because her family would be destroyed along with the site. Nico has a change of heart and offers her support, pointing out their oath to not act as their parents would. Now planning a rescue mission, Alex recruits Geoffrey to help them prepare.

A Family Affair

Runaways Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

After redirecting Gibborim deputies from the site, Alex and Geoffrey take out security at the dig site. Karolina brings Chase, Molly, and Nico to the bottom of the pit where Chase begins to try freeing the ship. HIs attempts have little effect as the ship immediately heals itself after each cut.

Jonah and the rest of PRIDE arrive on the scene in short order. Jonah tries to talk the teens down telepathically, but ultimately tells an unknown figure named Xavin to launch the ship with them still in the pit. The move infuriates PRIDE. Karolina kisses Nico kiss and flies Molly and Chase to safety after Nico volunteers to stay behind. Jonah prevents Karolina from returning for Nico, but the wiccan rises from the pit on her own.

Karolina spurns Jonah’s request that she leave with him as the ground begins to rumble. It looks like Jonah lied after all. The ship rises from the pit. Nico faints when the Staff of One is unable to subdue the ship, causing the PRIDE to unleash their countermeasures. Molly knocks down Jonah as the Yorkes fire serum vials at the ship and Victor hurls the shutdown device into it. Jonah gets to his feet, taking everyone down with a single shockwave. But it’s too late and the ship explodes, killing all within, including Jonah and Karolina’s family, and showering the lot in light remnants.

One Single Choice

Runaways Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

Nico takes advantage of Jonah’s momentary lack of focus after his people’s destruction. Flashing back to her discovery of Amy’s body. she coats the Staff of One in the Yorkes’ serum before leaping toward Jonah and impales him. Karolina rushes to Jonah’s side, and he tells her that “now we must take it all.” A light leaves Jonah’s body as he dies. A shaken Nico puts all of their parents to sleep and the group makes their escape.

The Next Step

Runaways Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

The previous night’s events begin to set in the next morning. While most of the team begins talking about their next step, Nico remains pained by her act of vengeance. Molly tries to comfort her with Cheetos to no avail.

Nico goes to Karolina, who is engrossed in her father’s scripture. Nico reaches out to Karolina, which causes her emotions to overflow. She says Nico took everything away from her by killing the only person who could teach her about herself. What’s worse, Nico didn’t have to kill him. She could’ve put him to sleep like the other parents, but instead chose to kill him. The assertion rings all too true for the broken Nico, leaving her unable to answer Karolina’s charges.

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