Runaways Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

Runaways Recap Season 2 Episode 3

Hulu’s decision to release the second season of Runaways all at once was a smart decision. Fans of the teen drama don’t have to worry about their favorite characters. Cliffhangers like the one dropped at the end of the previous episode can be resolved quickly. While “Radio On” dealt with the emotional arcs of the teenagers at the center of the story, Runaways season 2 episode 3, “Double Zeroes,” forced them to react to forces outside their control.


Runaways Recap Season 2 Episode 3

The episode opens with Molly out fighting crime. After ripping off a “Missing” poster showing herself and her friends, Molly interrupts a man trying to force a woman into a car. After breaking his hand, she runs off. The man and woman both cryptically state that “she has the same eyes as him.” Back the mansion, Nico and Karolina are sharing a room and reconciled after their brief couple’s fight. Nico gathers the group together and calls Alex to tell him that they’re practicing.

Alex is living a different life and learning from his father’s friend. Darius. His return to his roots thanks to seems to be going well. Darius teaches Alex about “life” over a game of dominoes. Then Darius gets a text message from Alex’s father, Geoffrey. Elsewhere, Geoffrey and his wife, Catherine, are packing for a trip.

Training Day

Runaways Recap Season 2 Episode 3

Back at the mansion, Molly tries to sneak back in and gets caught by Nico. Nico chastises Molly saying they don’t do “vigilante street justice.” Molly claims that Nico should be proud since she wanted them to get better at using their powers. The group heads to the foyer to practice. Karolina reveals that she’s been training without them demonstrates her flying ability. Nico is very impressed and the group declares that this is a competition. One by one, the Runaways use their powers except for Gert, who has difficulty using her psychic link with Old Lace  without her medication.

At the Church of Gibborim. Frank and Leslie Dean discuss Jonah and their church. Frank has taken over Leslie’s church and reveals that he wants to win Leslie and Karolina back from Jonah. Jonah arrives and threatens Leslie. The Deans try to trick Jonah while Alex continues to connect with Livvie and her family. Livvie and Alex share stories and he compliments her on her business acumen with hair care products. The two then share a tender moment. But nothing stays good forever for the Runaways. When Alex leaves Livvie’s house he meets Darius, who teases a cryptic job for the two of them.

I Want You To Win

Runaways Recap Season 2 Episode 3

The Runaways talk about how much they miss Alex. They realize that Alex’s leadership was what held the team together. Meanwhile, the Steins are dealing with Jonah directly as Janet tricks her way into Jonah’s lair to see her husband, Victor. At the same time, Darius finally delivers Alex to his parents. Geoffrey gives Darius the deed to the construction site and a room at a fancy hotel in LA before parting ways. As they’re driving away, Alex calls Nico and tells her that he’s in need of a rescue. The Runaways decide to help him and take the car to the airport.

Meanwhile, Janet reunites with Victor and reveals that she was the one who shot him. He forgives her, and they make plans to battle Jonah. Victor helps her decode Jonah’s book. When she uses the wave length equation to open it, she finds herself engulfed in a holographic galaxy.

Battle at the Airport

Runaways Recap Season 2 Episode 3

Karolina intercepts Alex and Geoffrey on their way to the airport and uses her powers to blind Geoffrey. Molly and Chase carry off Alex. Nico discovers that she can only use the same spell once. She puts up a wall in front of Geoffrey, who is left trapped at the airport as they get away. Meanwhile, Darius arrives at the LA hotel. He encounters Catherine, who kills him and frames him for Destiny Gonzales’ murder. Now that Darius can be blamed for the murder, Alex can supposedly come home. Tamar arrives at the hotel just as the police are investigating his death.

Back at the mansion, Alex has settled in. He and Nico reconcile and he tells her about Livvie. Meanwhile, Molly goes out to fight crime again. She sees the same man and woman fighting at the same car. She flips the car over and returns home. As she arrives, the group meets her and realizes she’s been followed. A young man enters the mansion and looks around before introducing himself as Topher.

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