Black Lightning season 2 episode 6 recap

Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

Loss permeated the previous episode of Black Lightning. Half of the pod-confined Green Light Children were deceased due to Dr. Jace’s ruse. Jefferson’s defacto dad, Gambi, is presumed dead as well. Khalil lost part of himself thanks to Tobias’s continued efforts to beat him into submission. A dead man even lost the metallic liquid coursing through his veins. However, bad news now doesn’t guarantee the same in the future. The presence of loss is often followed by renewed life, and Black Lightning season 2 episode 6 is no exception.

Pain Without The Killer

Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

Tobias’ latest acquisition, Councilman Kwame Parker, is unable to convince Rev. Holt to accept the donation for relocating the clinic. Holt calls Kwame out for being a tool of Tobias, who he believes to be Kwame’s anonymous donor. The good reverend tells the councilman that the black community always knew Tobias was still here. Holt sends Kwame on his merry way, telling him to keep his money and kiss his “holy ass.”

Such a postured response doesn’t sit well with Tobias. He orders Khalil to kill the reverend. Having Holt’s blood on his hands unnerves Khalil, moving him to push back on the order. Tobias remains incredulous, revealing his responsibility in the shooting that paralyzed Khalil. The young hitman leaves, but runs to Jennifer instead of carrying out Tobias’ wishes. Khalil’s dejection with his circumstances is met with reassurance from the youngest Pierce. Painkiller isn’t who he is. The words lead Khalil to spare Rev. Holt, telling him instead to leave town. Holt refuses to leave and tries to convince Khalil that his redemption is still possible. Khalil says otherwise as he retreats back into the night.

Unspeakable Loss

Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

Khalil’s failure sends anger coursing through Tobias. He apologizes for not properly disciplining him in the past, promising that it will change. The shift occurs sooner than expected as the two come to blows. Khalil holds his own, but Tobias overwhelms him, beating his head against a fish tank. Khalil must now kill both Holt and his own mother or else Tobias will kill him.

The fallout from the death of half of the ASA-held Green Light Children comes crashing down on Lynn. The personal guilt drives her to drinking, and family members turn irate when she publicly announces the accident. Jennifer tries to comfort her when she returns home, but is unsuccessful until Lynn gets the whiskey vomits. Lynn equates the Green Light Children to her own kids, exposing why the accident cut her so deep. Jennifer’s emotional damage control is far from done, though, as Khalil returns to thank her for her support. He knows he’s not the killer Tobias wants him to be, which means his time in Freeland is numbered one way or another. His eyes tell Jennifer everything without uttering a word. The two embrace, possibly for the last time.

The Sange & The Perdi

Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

Anissa’s adventures in South Freeland lead her to a farmhouse deep in the woods. Unbeknownst to her, a very alive Gambi is taking time out from torturing his would-be killers for information to track her location. Luckily Anaya is there, along with her family.  Anissa informs Anaya of the death of her lover, Deacon. The shock sends Anaya into labor, forcing Anissa to deliver her baby in her bedroom. Anaya gives birth to a healthy child, but her contractions continue. It turns out Anaya is having twins, giving birth to another child with lighter skin. Anaya’s mother refuses to hold the white child and her father shows disgust at the sight. A confused Anissa places the two newborns side-by-side. The babies eyes glow, startling Anissa, as Anaya’s mother worries that South Freeland’s war has come to her doorstep.

Anaya assuages Anissa’s confusion, filling her in on the superhuman segregation that has plagued South Freeland for decades. The white people, known as the Sange, have been infused with a metallic liquid known only as “Element” by a mysterious woman known only as Looker. Element gives its hosts superhuman strength and speed, but forces them to serve Looker as modern day slaves. The rise of the Sange forced the area’s black population, known as the Perdi, to retreat to the forest. Having a white baby is the worst thing she could do in her eyes, but Anissa is determined to help them. Anaya believes that Looker’s hold over the Sange would be weakened if the races were allowed to mingle, much like her and Deacon. But that plan must be put on hold for the time being as the Sange surround the house.

The family split up as Black Lightning and Anissa battle Looker’s forces. Looker uses her connection to the Element to view the fight as Anaya’s family makes their escape. Gambi even gets in on the action via an armed drone. Looker’s ranks retreat as Anaya and Anissa make their way to Freeland with the white twin. Anaya’s parents aren’t so lucky. Black Lightning comes across their abandoned truck and a litany of dead bodies. Anaya’s parents and the black twin are missing as Black Lightning begins to follow a moving puddle of Element, believing it will lead him to Looker. Elsewhere, the Sangre bring the black twin to Looker. Her Element is unable to interact with the child as she exudes disgust at the idea of a Sangre lying with a Perdi. She orders her enslaved legion to find the white twin as she continues trying to interact with the black twin.

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