Black Lightning season 2 episode 5 recap

Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

Black Lightning came back after taking a break last week, supplying fans with more time to stew over Jefferson’s inability to keep Tobias in Freeland PD custody. The next chapter of season two, “The Book of Blood,” kicked off with a potentially life-altering bang. Jefferson has no lack of fronts within Freeland on which to focus, but the city itself might be the opponent capable of breaking Black Lightning’s will.

Uncle, Father & Friend

Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

The aforementioned bang came when Gambi’s vehicle crashes and explodes following an attack from a SUV full of gunmen. The man that raised Jefferson after his father’s death is presumed dead in the blast. Henderson informs Jefferson and Anissa of the incident, causing Anissa to openly weep. Henderson stresses that both of them should let him handle it, though that request will undoubtedly go unhonored. Anissa immediately wants to jump into action, but Jefferson stresses patience, putting his faith in his crafty guardian. His faith refuses to waver until Gambi’s body is produced. Anissa tells Jenn the news and cries it out while a restless Jefferson internalizes every emotion he feels.

In fact, he only expresses emotion when Lynn gives him Gambi’s pocket watch. Her possession of the sentimental item angers him, causing him to storm out to return it to Gambi’s home. He takes a detour to Two Bits’ bar, though, getting all liquored up before punching out a handsy patron. Henderson breaks up the fight, but a less guarded Jefferson lets his frustration and anger out. No matter what he gives or sacrifices, Freeland only takes and takes from him.

Black Lightning returns to bar later, probing Two Bits for information on the shooting. After learning that Gambi’s assailants were not from Freeland, Jefferson returns to Gambi’s shop. It is here where he finally breaks down and cries, focusing on the picture of himself and Gambi embedded in the watch. Anissa, who was already at Gambi’s shop, watches her father crumble before moving in to comfort him.

Letting Them In Again

Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

A cooped up Jenn reflects on her meetup with Khalil amid the halls of Garfield at the end of the last episode. She chose to meet him there because she misses it, even being the “Queen of Garfield.” Khalil apologizes for his part in the attack on the school feeling like his actions caused Jenn’s house arrest. Things get awkward when Khalil brings up their past relationship and Jenn leaves. Jenn continues to ignore Khalil’s messages until he visits her at home. He offers his condolences for Gambi and tells Jenn about the strenuous relationship between himself and Tobias.

The feelings brought on from the loss of Gambi leads Anissa back to the arms of her former lover, Grace. The moment of compassion moves into straight passion as the two sleep together. Grace regrets the act the next morning. She ridicules herself for letting Anissa in once again after how non-committal she had been in the past. Grace ultimately tells Anissa to stay away from her if she can’t realize her capability of hurting others. She storms out of the bedroom as her skin begins to ripple. She calms herself in the mirror as her skin returns to normal.


Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

Khalil isn’t the only one fostering a tenuous relationship with Tobias Whale. Councilman Kwame Parker is brought to Tobias and subsequently blackmailed into working for him thanks to a file found in Proctor’s briefcase. Tobias’ new employee announces that Rev. Holt’s clinic is being relocated and an anonymous owner (Tobias, obviously) is funding it. Tobias celebrates over caviar meant to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his adoption of Syonide. He instead threatens Khalil over dinner, reiterating his lack of concern in putting the weak out of their misery.

Public Health

Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

For now, though, the clinic remains in operation. Even better, Anissa begins volunteering as a physician at the clinic. The paranoid partner of a pregnant woman draws her attention during a prenatal checkup. He bursts into the clinic days later with red sores on his face, pleading with Anissa to find his partner and save their baby. His dead body begins leaking a strange, metallic-like substance. Anissa learns that the man lived in South Freeland and ventures that way as her mother, Lynn, is tricked into killing multiple Green Light Children by Jace. In a scene resembling the very beginning of the series, Anissa is pulled over by the police. What begins as a all-to-regular case of racial profiling turns eerie when something moves through the officers blood vessels. Anissa hits the gas and speeds away into the night

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