Arrow Season 7 Episode 6 Recap

It it time for Arrow to wrap up the Green is the New Black storyline? Oliver Queen has languished in prison since the end of season 6. However, last week’s episode offered some hope that Oliver could be freed. Felicity’s semi-partnership with Earth-2 Laurel / Black Siren is paying dividends. But Ricardo Diaz is still out there, and he’s got some explosive plans for Star City. Arrow season 7 episode 6 brought several of the dangling plotlines together, while introducing new mysteries in the present and future.

Prison Detective

Arrow Season 7 Episode 6 Recap

Oliver wasn’t exactly thrilled to discover that Laurel was acting as his new legal representative. He also went out of his way to alienate her and to keep her away from Felicity. Unfortunately, Oliver’s prison pal, Stanley, found himself framed for Officer Dubar’s murder. Oliver immediately suspected Brick’s posse, and began to investigate. After visiting Stanley in isolation, Oliver tracked down the murder weapon and alerted the authorities. The prints on the knife led back to Ben Turner, a.k.a. Bronze Tiger. However, Turner seemed genuinely shocked by the turn of events as he was led away.

Stanley was released from isolation, but he somehow knew about Turner’s prints on the knife. Oliver immediately became suspicious that he had just been played by his best friend in prison.

The Black Siren Redemption?

Arrow Season 7 Episode 6 Recap

Can Earth-2 Laurel ever truly change? She seems to have genuinely tried to be a better person this season. Laurel fulfilled her role as Oliver’s representative, despite being dismissed from Team Arrow’s plans. She even made a passionate plea to get Oliver released that resonated with Dinah. But Laurel’s words failed to move the judge. Incensed, Laurel planned to attack the judge, but Dinah stopped her. Dinah told Laurel that she finally believed she was changing after seeing her performance. But Laurel angrily pushed Dinah away.

Later, Oliver expressed his gratitude to Laurel, but he was led away before she could share some important news.

Capture the Dragon

Arrow Season 7 Episode 6 Recap

Diaz tortured Anatoly and killed his men. Anatoly challenged Diaz to kill him, but Diaz insisted upon making him suffer. Felicity, Laurel, and Rene tracked Silencer to a warehouse, where they stumbled upon an ARGUS raid led by John Diggle. They soon found Anatoly bound and gagged, as well as a bomb designed to take them out. After escaping, Diggle set some ground rules for Team Arrow’s reunion. Laurel were excluded, and so was the new Green Arrow.

Felicity essentially blackmailed Anatoly to get his assistance in finding Diaz. Eventually, Team Arrow converged on Diaz as he planned to set off two massive bombs. Defusing the bombs required some precision teamwork. Even the new Green Arrow managed to get in on the act and subdue Diaz. In the aftermath, Felicity gave Anatoly a new identity, and he gave her a gun to end Diaz. Fortunately, Laurel arrived in time to prevent Felicity from committing murder. She also said that Oliver may be freed if he helps the government convict Diaz.


Arrow Season 7 Episode 6 Recap

During the flash forwards, William learned that his step-mother seemingly shed the heroic persona of Overwatch. Instead, she became the new Calculator. William insisted that Felicity brought them back together for a reason. Roy briefly discussed the hidden message he found with Dinah, but neither of them fully trusted William. The makeshift team soon found themselves in a Felicity designed trap. William realized that only Roy’s archery skills could pass the test. They also found evidence that someone is planning to level Star City. And the last person that Felicity spoke to before she died was someone calling themselves Blackstar.

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