Arrow Season 7 Episode 5

Arrow Season 7 Episode 5 Recap

After five episodes of Arrow‘s newest season, Oliver Queen is still behind bars. But perhaps not for much longer. In last week’s episode, Oliver succeeded in getting sent to Level 2, where the Demon awaited. However, instead of finding his only link to Ricardo Diaz, Oliver encountered the prison’s psychologist, Dr. Jarrett Parker. The “good” doctor had some unconventional ideas about therapy, and he subjected Oliver to mental and physical torture until he submitted. In Arrow season 7 episode 5, Oliver revealed that he hadn’t given up his mission or his identity so easily.

The Demon Revealed

Arrow Season 7 Episode 5 Recap

Satisfied that Oliver was responding well to treatment, Doctor Parker had him released to Level 2’s general population. To prevent him from stepping out of line, Oliver was fitted with a device designed to shock him. He witnessed the device in action when the man who attacked him was subdued and dragged away. That night, Oliver awoke in his cell just as “the Demon” attacked him. After withstanding her initial assault, Oliver recognized her as Talia al Ghul, his former mentor. She even made an oblique reference to “an old foe in Gotham.” Talia wanted Oliver’s help in escaping from the prison, but he refused.

Undercover Brother

Arrow Season 7 Episode 5 Recap

Curtis was ordered by ARGUS to go undercover as Doctor Nyambi Somto. The deception was necessary to catch Malcolm Byrd, a black market weapons dealer. Curtis was less than pleased to be back in the field. While in disguise, Curtis approached Byrd’s representative, but he was rattled by Byrd’s absence. Curtis told Diggle that it was supposed to be a one time event, and he refused to go through with the second meet.

Diggle pressed Curtis on his reluctance to reenter the field. He said that being Mister Terrific took away everything he loved. However, Diggle insists that Curtis will always be Mister Terrific, and he can’t deny that part of himself. Curtis finally agreed to complete the mission, and he defeated Byrd and his henchmen by himself. Later, Curtis revealed to Diggle that this case may be related to Layla’s ongoing investigation of ARGUS itself.

Team Felicity

Arrow Season 7 Episode 5 Recap

Felicity tries to visit Oliver in jail, but couldn’t reach him. To help Oliver, she assembled the unlikely team of Dinah and Laurel / Black Siren to help her find the paperwork trail. Laurel spent so much time faking empathy for Felicity that she almost seemed to really feel it by the end. She even asked Felicity to join her for a meal, in a roundabout way. They also tracked Silencer to Russia, where a super-powered Diaz had captured Anatoly.

“My Name is Oliver Queen!”

Arrow Season 7 Episode 5 Back to Back

Within Level 2, Oliver became increasingly disturbed by Dr. Parker’s experiments. He told Talia that he would help her breakout if she helped him expose Parker’s hidden secrets. Behind closed doors, Oliver and Talia broke free and fought off Parker’s guards. They found a way out of the prison, but Oliver refused to leave. He argued that escaping would just make him a fugitive forever. So he got Talia to deliver the incriminating info on Parker to Felicity. Talia did not betray Oliver and she kept her word. As Parker left the prison in disgrace, Talia caught up with him and administered her own brand of justice.

Oliver returns to Level 1, much to his surprise. Meanwhile, Felicity and Laurel realized that Parker’s experiments may allow them to overturn Oliver’s conviction.

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