Green Arrow 13 cover by Phil Hester
(Image Source: DC / Phil Hester)

A Mantle Is Passed in Green Arrow #13

Oliver Queen has a reputation as a counter-culture hero and outlaw. Like the original Robin Hood, he works outside the system to fight those who would corrupt it. However, when the original Green Arrow abandons his family and friends to join Amanda Waller, a new hero will rise up to uphold Oliver Queen’s legacy of speaking truth to power.

Written by Joshua Williamson, with art by Amancay Nahuelpan, Green Arrow #13 details how Oliver Queen came to join with Amanda Waller. At first he apparently intended to serve the Bureau of Sovereignty in a support role, overseeing the old Justice League armory. That changed after Roy Harper and his daughter Lian broke into a BoS prison to free Lian’s mother, Cheshire. This pushed Ollie back into the field, where he told Arsenal that “my kingdom is yours.”

Arsenal Roy Harper confronts Oliver Queen in Green Arrow 13
(Image Source: DC / Amancay Nahuelpan)

Oliver Queen’s actions confused Team Arrow. While Roy Harper believed Ollie was was sincere about believing in Waller’s mission, the rest of Team Arrow believed that Green Arrow had an angle. In any case, they were at a loss at what to do next.

Connor Hawke becomes new Green Arrow

At the height of the confusion, Oliver Queen’s son, Connor Hawke speaks up. He declares that if his father has abandoned his title, that he will be the Green Arrow. The comic concludes with Connor donning a new costume and taking up his father’s bow.

Connor Hawke in Green Arrow 13
(Image Source: DC / Amancay Nahuelpan)

Connor Hawke became the second Green Arrow shortly after he was introduced in 1994. However, his history has been changed significantly by various reboots. This is evident given how Green Arrow #13 treats Connor’s adoption of his father’s mantle as a new event.

In the current Rebirth timeline, Connor first appeared in 2017, operating under the alias Hawke. He was introduced as a rival to the Damian Wayne Robin, with the two heroes meeting during a fighting tournament on Lazarus Island. They soon became friends, however, bonding over their mutual father issues.

With the Green Arrow series tying into Absolute Power, it seems clear that Connor will have a large role to play. It also seems obvious that a confrontation is coming between father and son. It remains to be seen, however, if the Arrow Family will survive the coming conflict.

Green Arrow #13 is now available at comic shops everywhere.