Norman Reedus Talks About The Walking Dead After Andrew Lincoln

Andrew Lincoln’s final episode of The Walking Dead is just a few days away. But for the rest of the cast, Lincoln has been gone for months. According to Norman Reedus, it’s just not quite the same without his friend and co-star.

“It’s been weird as f***, I won’t lie,” said Reedus while speaking with Entertainment Weekly. “I still send him scripts. When no one’s looking, I email him scripts, and he gives me notes still to this day. It was weird, I have to tell you…I’ve never not had lunch in my trailer with him in nine years. We always get my lunch and go back to my trailer, the two of us. So I just kinda sat there quietly, like, where the f*** is Andy right now? That was the hardest part for me. It’s all healed itself, but I have to say eating lunch by myself in my trailer was really, really weird. It made me really depressed.”

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Reedus also shared a story from Lincoln’s last day on the set, and he couldn’t resist pulling one last prank.

“The very last scene that we shot, he’s supposed to smile,” noted Reedus. “He was supposed to smile, and it was a close-up. So I kept sneaking in and tickling his feet and making him smile on this one line. And I thought it was funny. And he liked it. He kept asking me to keep doing it. So the last scene that he shot on this show, I’m below camera tickling his feet.”

AMC will air Lincoln’s final episode of The Walking Dead on Sunday, November 4.

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