New Pictures Reveal Stephen Amell as Flash and Grant Gustin as Green Arrow

The Arrowverse’s Elseworlds crossover is currently being filmed, and more details are released every day. We already know that the stars of The Flash and Arrow are apparently swapping their superhero identities during the crossover, we just don’t know why. Now, via, new set pictures have revealed Stephen Amell in costume as the Flash.

Amell looks fantastic in the suit. The bright red with yellow is very similar to the classic comic book outfit. It’s also close to the new suit that debuted on the fifth season premiere of The Flash. Whether or not Oliver Queen’s Flash suit also comes out of a ring remains to be seen.

Grant Gustin is the same height in the Flash costume, but Amell fills it out more. Amell’s more muscular frame in the Flash suit will no doubt remind viewers of John Wesley Shipp’s Flash, from the ’90s TV series. The Fastest Man Alive would have a slimmer frame to Gustin, but it will be interesting to see Amell’s take on the hero.

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There are also a few pictures of Gustin in his Green Arrow costume. Canadagraphs was near the set in Vancouver, and they posted multiple photos of the heroes. Gustin looks as dangerous, if not more so than Amell. Gustin and Amell will no doubt have fans wanting to see this switch happen more than once.

The Elseworlds concept challenges all established characters and histories. The Arrowverse crossovers usually feature every cast members from of all the respective shows. It is possible that Gustin and Amell have not only swapped costumes, but swapped teams as well?

What more twists and turns are you expecting from Elseworlds? Let us know in the comment section below!