Parke Creating Heroes Soundtrack Renderings

NBC has released the following announcement:

NBC Universal Television DVD, Music and Consumer Products Group has commissioned comic book icon Steven Parke to help create and illustrate the CD packaging for the the upcoming “Heroes” soundtrack.

In addition to Parke’s comic renderings of each featured band, the “Heroes” soundtrack also features some of artist Tim Sale’s images that were seen in the second season of the hit series. Images from both Parke and Sale, along with exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, soundtrack music videos and more are available starting today on

The “Heroes” soundtrack, which will be initially available starting March 18th at Best Buy stores and through various digital service providers, features an eclectic mix of cutting-edge and classic musical artists including Bob Dylan, Panic! At The Disco, Wilco, Imogen Heap, as well as a number of collaborations from top acts including a duo with Brighton Port Authority and Iggy Pop (see complete soundtrack list below).

The soundtrack is executive produced by independent music veteran Errol Kolosine (“Six Feet Under”) in collaboration with “Heroes” creator & executive producer Tim Kring (‘Crossing Jordan,” “Providence”) and “Heroes” executive producer & director Allan Arkush (“Crossing Jordan” and “The Temptations”).

All of the bands featured on the “Heroes” soundtrack are depicted in a 12-panel foldout booklet with original illustrations created by Parke, whose work in the music industry covers a broad spectrum, from Prince to AC/DC to Thelonious Monk to Bon Jovi.

Parke, whose work has also been featured in DVD packaging for “The Sopranos,” “Six Feet Under,” “Rome” and “30 Rock,” worked closely with Arkush and the soundtrack’s art director Mitch Steele on the packaging art, combining the known imagery and style of the series in an effort to best showcase the wide array of musical artists featured on the soundtrack.

“As an avid fan of ‘Heroes’ and a music junkie, I was thrilled to be called upon to create illustrations of the bands for the ‘Heroes’ soundtrack,” said Parke, whose studio is based in Baltimore. “Talking to Allan Arkush, reviewing art from the show and listening to some of the bands as I worked, I had a great time capturing likenesses, and in some instances, creating unusual environments that tie the musicians visually into the ‘Heroes’ universe. The process was a high voltage connection of creative talent from the show, great art direction and some killer artists.”

“Working with Steven and Mitch to create the artwork for each of the bands was an interesting and at the same time enjoyable process,” says Arkush. “Through Steven’s imagination, we would take each band through the ‘Heroes’ artistic process, art direction, costumes and cinematography. He really picked up our aesthetic quickly. It was a big help that he was a fan of the show, studied the episodes and knew all of our cultural references.”

The complete track listing is as follows:

1. Heroes Theme – Wendy & Lisa

2. Fire and Regeneration – Wendy & Lisa (*new release)

3. He’s Frank – Brighton Port Authority featuring Iggy Pop (*new release)

4. All For Swinging You Around – New Pornographers

5. Glad It’s Over – Wilco (*new release)

6. Weightless – Nada Surf (new release)

7. Nine In The Afternoon – Panic! At The Disco (new release)

8. Chills – My Morning Jacket (*new release)

9. Natural Selection – Wendy & Lisa

10. ABoneCroneDrone 3 – Shelia Chandra

11. Not Now But Soon – Imogen Heap (*new release)

12. Jealously Rides With Me – Death Cab For Cutie (*new U.S. release)

13. All Things Must Pass – The Jesus and Mary Chain (*new release)

14. Homecoming – Wendy & Lisa

15. Man In The Long Black Coat – Bob Dylan

16. Maya’s Theme – Yerba Buena (*new release)

17. Keep My Composure – The Chemical Brothers featuring Spank Rock (*new release)

18. Heroes – David Bowie

* Denotes an exclusive new release on the “Heroes” soundtrack album.

Source: NBC