No Kavalier & Clay Adaptation for Daldry?

“Perfume – The Story of a Murderer” star Ben Whishaw has told that he doesn’t think The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay will be moving ahead with Stephen Daldry as director:

CS: I also had the luck to see some of your screen tests for Stephen Daldry’s movie based on the novel “The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay.” Did you get a chance to see the presentation they set-up in New York for that movie?

Whishaw: No, Stephen did tell me about it, yeah, but I think it’s not happening now. I think it’s been sort of put to one-side for a little while. It all fell apart, which is such a shame. I have not read the book even, but it’s a wonderful project. I hope at some point it’s revived.

Written by Michael Chabon, the story is about two young cousins who create a comic book superhero named The Escapist. The boys help usher in the golden age of comics, and through the years, The Escapist encounters adversaries similar to real-life figures.