TMNT Bits and Posters!

With the teaser trailer now online, Superhero Hype! has learned a few more bits about TMNT–the first all CG animated “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” movie–at Comic-Con in San Diego. We’ve also posted four new character posters that were on display, which you can find here!

– Writer-director Kevin Munroe was present and revealed five minutes of footage from the anticipated film, which is set after the second live action movie.

– He said that the film will feature hidden jokes from the comics and animated series.

– Splinter will be voiced by Japanese actor Mako. The other voices will be announced in a month, but they are not well-known celebrities.

– Shredder is not the villain in the story, though he does make an appearance, which might set up the conflict for the sequel.

– Expect Casey Jones and April to develop a relationship.

– Marco Beltrami is doing the score, and they are looking to create a theme for the “Turtles” CG movies, something memorable like the “Batman” theme.

– One of the scenes shown features a turtle dressed up for a kids party, and the kids beat him up, with one of the little girls kicking him in the balls. A lot of action scenes were also shown, like the turtles on skateboards, hang gliders, etc.

– The movie features a bat character and female ninja characters.

– There is a human villain, who may or may not be named Winter.

Source: Scott Chitwood