Wonder Woman Isn’t for Beckinsale

MTV chatted with “Underworld” franchise star Kate Beckinsale, who says she’s not interested in playing Wonder Woman:

As Kate Beckinsale sees it, she could never play Wonder Woman even if the part were offered to her.

“I never got the underwear,” she explained recently. “My mother didn’t believe in nylon underwear. She thought it made you itchy.”

It’s been nearly a year since rumors surfaced that Beckinsale would star in Joss Whedon’s “Wonder Woman” movie, and the actress is still having to answer to it.

“I get texted from friends all around the world saying, ‘That’s so awesome! I’m so happy for you. That’s so great,’ and I have to just text them and say, ‘It’s actually not true,’ ” Beckinsale said. “I think I’ve embarrassed my daughter quite enough.”

Actually, there’s a more honest reason beyond wardrobe: A superhero movie is not what Beckinsale wants to do next. Judging by her upcoming movie, it seems the actress is more interested in dramas.

Source: MTV